Matte Magenta

I've just realized that I have way too many nail polishes. I mean, I have a whole section dedicated just for my nail polishes (and trust me, it's hard to close). I've recently painted on the magenta one I bought at Forever 21. It's originally matte, but since I always put a top coat after I paint my nails it's not exactly matte anymore...

Always and Forever 21

I was recently on the Forever 21 website, and I always like to look at their "Shop by Outfit" section. There were four outfits which I loved how they were put together. It honestly made me want to buy each item of clothing from head to toe! I especially love the chunky magenta cardigan, the plaid romper (though usually I hate rompers), the long sweater, the sequined vest, and the Fifi Lapin sweater shirt. I've actually ordered a few things online...will share once they arrive.

A Little Bit Excessive

I always get into one of those moods where I really want to go shopping, but usually I don't have the means to. One of the best ways to get rid of it is to make a wishlist of all the things I want so I can grab them up the next time I can go shopping. I don't know if it's because I haven't gotten to go "fall shopping" yet, but I think I might have went a bit overboard. Though technically I can't afford 90% of what's pictured here. (*tear)

First column: Bastian Pumps, Yumas Boots.
Second column: Miu Miu Glitter Slingback Sandals, Steve Madden Stardom Flats, Christian Louboutin Leopard Ankle Boots.

Expensive Macaw

Judith Leiber Crystal-embellished parrot clutch

Am I crazy for wanting this? Haha, I can't help it! It's so adorable. Then again, in my dreams since it's about $6,000! Crazy, I know.

Strawberries + Chocolate

I've been so bad with updating, I know. After my most recent post, I pretty much had summer finals, went home for two weeks (my short summer break), came back to school, and so far it's my second week and I'm worn out. I haven't had much time in between to update my blog. To sort of celebrate coming back I decided to try my hand at making chocolate covered strawberries. I have to admit that it was a total success. Well, besides me not having wax paper and the chocolate freezing onto the plate. But it still tasted wonderful!

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