Three-day weekends are amazing

Forever 21 top + shorts + ring + nail polish, Target tank, Urban Outfitters sandals, Ettika bracelet

I hope you guys all had a good Memorial Day weekend. The weather was perfect and the long weekend was definitely needed in preparation for this week, which unfortunately is dead week. My first final is on Monday so I have to start cracking the books. So excuse any lack in updates because I'll have to ban myself from the computer to focus (sadly!)

I realized this weekend that I hadn't worn this silk top in over a year. I honestly don't know why since it's the most comfortable, breezy thing ever. Definitely one of my best purchases from Forever 21 (I'm a pro at shopping there and getting good quality items). It was so hot that day it was suffocating. I tend not to wear anything that bares my shoulders, so this top was perfect in keeping some coverage yet also keeping me unbelievably cool.

American Apparel Rummage Sale

This weekend happened to be the one where American Apparel decided to have a rummage sale, which I have never been to. I knew not to expect much from what I heard from friends and reviews, but seeing that 3,000+ people had confirmed their attendance on Facebook I did expect it to be packed.

As we drove up to the lot the first thing my friend said was, "Omg! Look at all those people!" And indeed there was a ton. But as we start getting closer we realized all those "people" were actually racks of clothes (lol). There still was a fair amount of people there (around ~40 I suppose). We went around 4pm and there was no line. And like I read online, the selection was made up of ugly styles, terrible sizes, and damaged goods. My friend and I both left empty-handed, but not disappointed. We actually only had a few things in mind that we really wanted, and they were items that probably wouldn't be selling for $6 at a rummage sale.

Since we happened to be downtown anyways we decided to go to the actual American Apparel store. On our way down there we stopped by Free People (just opened here last quarter!) and Anthropologie. I happened to see the two items I've been coveting for some time at the store, the Raglan Pullover and the Floral Lace Leggings. I didn't buy them there, but I'm definitely going to order them online sometime in the near future.

And of course we were both hungry from all the walking/shopping, so we finished our day by pigging out on sushi and Pinkberry. So not exactly an unproductive day afterall.

PS!! I added a few random accessories at the shop so check them out.

Online shopping is too addicting

I saw that Forever 21 stocked a ring I really wanted (pictured above) so of course I decided to browse around to see if there was anything else I could add to my order. And trust me, my bag was way overfilled and the compilation you see above is after a lot of editing.

Slub Scoop Neck Tee; it's probably a weird I don't own a plain, black shirt yet...
Juliette Draped Necklace; not exactly the statement necklace I had in mind, but I'd love to pair this against some tough/androgynous outfits.
Dimpled Knuckle Ring; yes, I am actually buying a silver ring! Aren't you guys proud of me?
Rhinestone Pyramid Hinge Bracelet; c'mon do I really need to explain myself here? (Of course I still want the original!)
Printed Knit Boyshorts, Printed Knit Panty, Heidi Boyshorts; a girl can never have enough underwear!
Romantic Lingerie Nail Polish; this grey polish was too eye-catching to pass up. (And I got this mauve color too, except I forgot to insert it into my image).

The power of print

I don't know how many of you have seen these in any of the magazines you've read. I love them! I agree so much with what they say. I wish I had remembered to take a photo of the first one I saw.

(Sorry, short post since I have so much to do today!)

Home cooking

This quarter I've been doing so much more cooking. I used to eat out all the time, but ever since my friend moved in right next door to me we've always been eating together. Now I'm actually motivated to think of yummy things to prepare since I'm not doing all the work alone.

Last week we made very easy-to-make spam musubis. They're so delicious and they're basically spam marinated/cooked in a mixture of soy sauce and sugar, wrapped in nori seaweed packed with rice. Can't get any easier than that. We also prepared a Korean-style soup/stew, which is started off with a soybean base (like miso soup). Then we pretty much threw in a bunch of veggies (green onions, mushrooms, onions, zucchini, peppers), tofu, and small pieces of meat. Let's just say we were pretty proud of ourselves!

My dad also happened to stop by this weekend. He bought me a few things from L.A. that's not available here. I have a big thing for anything bread-y so he also brought me a bag full of pastries. I'm definitely going to be pigging out on those all week.

Oh really?

I remember reading about ORLY's Sweet Spring II Collection for 2010 and how cute it was that it came with a mini lipgloss in a similar shade to the polishes. But I've never purchased an ORLY nail polish before so didn't think much of it. How funny that the next day my boyfriend decides to surprise me by buying me a small gift a.k.a a bottle of ORLY's Snowcone.

I realized after he bought it for me that I don't have a straight up blue color in my current collection. And Snowcone is the perfect shade. It's not too bright or dark, and goes on so nicely. I only used one coat! The lipgloss is nothing to get excited over; it is basically a clear gloss with a a few sparkles in it. Maybe useful for layering over a lipstick. (Though it is a very small gloss keep in mind).

And in other news, I finally ordered a remote for my camera! As you can see from the second picture, it is pretty small but it does its job. Hopefully this means less running back and forth to get the self-timer started. (A little bit of a workout for sure).

All jewelry Forever 21

Kate Beckinsale in tulle

I'm a huge fan of Kate Beckinsale, and these photos of her at the Robin Hood premiere blew me away! Her light blue, tulle gown is by Marchesa (of course) and she couldn't have chosen a better dress. (All that tulle makes me go crazy!)

Too many gorgeous wedges

I'm so excited that wedges are back "in" since I'm horrible in heels 99% of the time. I can wear the highest wedges and be able to walk around without spraining my ankle. Although wedges sometimes have the misconception of being "clunky" I can't see anything but fabulousness (is that even a word?) in these wedges that I'm currently coveting. (PS: I would have included the Cynthia Vincent for Target Cognac wedges in here, but I feel like I've been over-obsessing about them. I do still want them but they're sold out everywhere in California).

One of those too-lazy-to-get-dressed days

Forever 21 everything (lol)

I've been so extremely tired every morning even though I try to sleep relatively early. It probably doesn't help I'm currently reading "Cases that Haunt Us" by John Douglas and it sorta freaks me out. Anyways, I've had these boots since October last year, but haven't worn them since. That's most likely due to the fact I wore them all evening/night and afterwards my feet didn't feel like my own feet anymore. But for wearing a few hours a day, they're more comfortable than I remembered. (Too bad the weather hasn't exactly been for boot-wearing).

Comfort Food

After a week of stressful midterms, I always seem to reward myself with a food-coma-inducing meal. This current to-go place is actually Chili's. I usually don't like going to places like this often, but I have this obsession with their chicken cajun pasta. I'm a huge pasta fan in general, and I happened to try it on a whim. Wow, totally made me regret sticking with spaghetti and meatballs all these years. But, as you can probably predict from the photo, it is the definition of a food-coma meal. (The bf got fajitas, which he now claims is his favorite item on the menu).

Silver Rings

I'm still seriously lacking in the silver department. But recently I've been seeing so many silver rings that I want. For me I tend to go for more details that are done directly to the metal rather than added bling. The only exceptions are the ones above since they're so subtle. Hopefully I can add one of these to my extensive (gold) ring collection.

8 Row Rhinestone Ring
• Connector Ring (it sold out in 3 hours on F21!)
Stud Pyramid
Cell Ring
Filigree Ring
Jacinda Silver-Plated Ring

Things I currently want/need

• I need some pretty, colorful dresses for spring! I'm so excited for the warm weather.
• After seeing a neat/pretty refrigerator in a magazine, I decided to follow suit and buy some Tupperware to get rid of the clutter.
• I only own one statement necklace, but after seeing so many elaborate, bigger ones, I want one for myself. Perfect for wearing with a simple tee and jeans.
• My obsession for rings that take up half your finger is still going strong.
• I usually don't wear blush, but N.Y.C.'s "Peach Glow" looks so natural.
• I'm a huge snacker and edamame are both yummy and healthy. (image credit)

(A horribly done collage, I know. Sorry, I just did it really fast and sorta threw it together.)

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