Black (nOir)

I know it's supposed to be summer but it's ridiculously gloomy here. I mean, it's almost July for heaven's sake! I actually changed into this outfit later on in the day since super early morning classes = me getting out of bed bleary-eyed and grabbing something to throw on (usually a jacket/sweater, jeans, closed-toe flats/boots, and a scarf. That's how cold it is here in the mornings). This is why after four years here I know not to take home all my winter clothing since you never know when you're going to need it.

A few days ago I saw that Gilt was going to have a nOir jewelry sale at 9AM. Luckily I was up a little before then to get ready for class. But even though I clicked inside right when it was 9AM the stack pyramids rings were sold out! They've been something I've been wanting for such a long time. I then decided to check out ideeli and they happened to be having a nOir sale too! Unfortunately they didn't have the rings, but they did have the smooth pyramid bracelet, which was another item I had been coveting. So of course I snatched it up as quickly as possible! It just arrived the other day, and I'm in love with it. (Invites to Gilt and ideeli if you're not a member already!).

Forever 21 cardigan + dress, Walmart sandals, Target watch, nOir bracelet

Forgot this store existed!

I just realized the other day that I haven't shopped at Urban Outfitters in such a long time. And I have no idea why since I do love their stuff. I guess I'm being frugal and haven't bought any big purchases since I'm trying to save up for these wedges I've been eye-ing for months. But there's no harm in making a wishlist and internet-window-shopping right?

• I can never pass up edgy jewelry like this pyramid and rhinestone ring.
• Turquoise jewelry like this bracelet has been weirdly attractive to me lately. They're so bohemian.
• The perfect summer blazer.
• I was pleasantly surprised when I saw this Wildfox raglan tee on the UO site. I'm very tempted to order this since I've been wanting these ever since I've seen it on multiple celebrities.
• I don't own any nude bags and this moto satchel would be amazing with softer pieces.
• Jeffrey Campbell makes the most amazing shoes, and this one is no exception.
• They're called modern tribal drops on the website, but I honestly don't find anything "tribal" about them (in a good way).
• I used to hate rompers, but they've been growing on me lately. I'm very picky about them though, which is why I don't own one yet. But this flower printed romper looks promising!

Peanut butter honey banana sandwich

Such a ridiculously long title I know, but that's what this is! Whenever I'm in the mood for a snack, but I'm too lazy to cook something (which is more often than you think) this sandwich is perfect. It's yummy, filling, and takes about two minutes to make.

(I know in the first photo it shows "creamy" peanut butter, but I later changed my mind since crunchy gives it more...crunch! Especially since everything else is already soft/creamy).

PS! Added more items to the shop.

Random little purchases

• I've been meaning to get my hands on Urban Decay's Eyeshadow Primer Potion for such a long time, and I finally bought one two weeks ago. I have to admit I love the pretty little case it came in!
• I love Clinique's Superblam Moisturizing Lip Gloss! I got it in "mango" and it's also another one of those things I've been meaning to get for a while. It's pretty, with just a slight hint of color.
• I got recommended this Rimmel Lipstick in Airy Fairy by Jen (of Frm Head to Toe). I'm glad I asked her since I adore the color. It's the perfect light pink that isn't the slightest bit frosty.
• Guess what? I finally found N.Y.C's "Peach Glow" that I mentioned weeks ago! It just so happened to be at this Walmart on the drive back from my hometown. Funny, because I wasn't even going to bother looking in their makeup section until my friend suggested it to me. I've been wearing it much pretty everyday since I've bought it.
• This Merona gold watch was back in stock when I checked out my Target, so I knew I had to buy it this time. I haven't worn it yet since it still needs to be adjusted, but it's the perfect men's style watch I've been coveting.
• My friend always chews Trident Layers so she got me hooked. So yummy!

PS, sorry for the lack of posts the past week. I spent my mini summer vacation at home so I was pretty much MIA from the computer/internet. But more frequent updates from now on!

Ecotools: 6 Piece Brush Set

I've been meaning to buy an eyeliner brush after realizing the one that came with a cream eyeliner I bought was crap (to put it lightly). I don't use it too often, so I decided a drugstore brush would do just fine. After browsing I decided to go with the Ecotools Bamboo 6 Piece Brush Set since it was the same price as a single eyeliner brush. I've never tried any of their products before, so I was pleasantly surprised when I found the brushes to exceed my expectations. While I don't use all of them regularly they've held up quite well, with no shedding. On top of that, they are all unbelievably soft! (Which is one of the first qualities I always look for in a makeup brush).

Even though I bought this set for the eyeliner brush, I found that I use the blush brush quite often since I like it so much better than my usual one. The concealer brush and lash/brow groomer aren't used as frequently, but definitely come in handy! The cotton/hemp case is also a nice feature since I tend to just throw my brushes around. Of course a big plus is that it's earth-friendly.

It's always nice to be so satisfied with an unplanned purchase.

PS: Added more things to the shop!

South Coast Deli, yum

Don't you love/hate it when you find a hidden gem after all these years? I've been here for four years and not once have I heard a mention of South Coast Deli. It just so happened my friend got recommended this place from a dentist (random, I know). And now it's one of my favorite places to go for lunch. They have the most amazing sandwiches, it's ridiculous. I decided to play it safe and go for the "favorite" which was the Cajun Turkey. Wow, I'm craving one just thinking about it. I usually don't like turkey sandwiches, but it's the garlic-Tabasco mayo sauce that gives it that extra oopmh! It was spicy, but so good. I'm pretty sure I want to try every single thing on the menu (including the salads and paninis!)

"Cajun Turkey"

"Ring of Fire"

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