Favorite iPhone Apps

I used to be one of those people that didn't get the appeal of smartphones. I remember when my boyfriend got his first droid phone. He was obsessed with that thing. I mean, I thought it was cool that you could always check your e-mail and play games on it when you're bored but not enough to make me want to leave my LG Venus (it was pink!)

It wasn't until he got an iPhone that I started to think about switching. And since then I've been sucked in! I would always complain about him checking his phone too much when we were together, and now he laughs that I'm always fiddling around on Instagram or Yelp.

So here are a few of the obvious favorites:
- Facebook, Twitter, and Tumblr: gotta have my basic social media sites available
- Instagram: never got the appeal of this when I first dl-ed it, but after a few weeks I'm a loyal user
- Yelp: a girl who loves food and trying new places as much as I do needs this (plus so handy for quickly finding the directions or phone number to a particular restaurant)
- Starbucks: so much easier to use to pay since I usually have my phone out anyways

And the others:
- Livejournal: I used to be a major lj user back in the day (since 2003!) I still go on it every once in a while to go through community posts when I'm in the mood
- Netflix: I've recently gotten into Mad Men and Parks and Recreation so it's so much easier when they're all available on here to watch in HD!
- Frametastic: this doesn't need much explaining to my fellow Instagram users...
- BeFunky: A great editing program. It's like having a mini photoshop on your phone!
- Waze: Such a cute GPS app (plus it's interactive)
- Kakao Talk: A messenger app that enables me to talk to relatives and friends in Korea
- iNails: If you have a big nail polish collection this is a must. I don't know how else I would keep track of all the colors I already own (I hate when I repurchase something similar or even the exact ones sometimes)
- StylishGirl: Similar to the app above. It's time consuming to take pictures of items in your closet, but being able to quickly see what you already own is so worth it.
- KawaiiMEGU, Anipang: two "cutesy" games that I currently am addicted to.
- Truila Rent: At the moment I've been trying to find apartments closer to where I work and take classes at so I check this frequently.
- AOL Radio: An alternative to Pandora. I love their pre-made stations like "Top 50 Boy Band Songs" and "1-Hit Wonders."

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