Merry Christmas!

 It's been a pretty busy couple of weeks. When I would actually have a lot to blog about I just can't find the time to do it. Especially since once I get home I'm so tired I usually pass out right away. Unless I happen to get two days off in a row I won't be able to stay up past 12am which is pretty sad.

A few updates...
  • The main thing that has been keeping me busy is work. At first I just asked to work an extra day a week here or there just so I would have a good cushion of shopping money for Christmas. So that in itself tired me out. Then all of a sudden they asked me if I was interested in working at the LASIK department. Honestly my co-worker (who used to work down there before she started optometry school) had been asking me about helping out when she still used to be there. The optometrist who is the chief of the refractive surgery department (and the contact lens department) joked around that they had been trying to get me to work down there for a year. I finally gave in mainly since I need any edge I can get on my applications. So on actual surgery days, which have been pretty consistently once a week, I've been coming in an extra day (earlier than normal depending on which surgeon is in that day). They haven't had much time to really sit down and train me since they only have one staff member doing each job, but it's been good so far. I'm the type of person that has to be productive and constantly doing something so the fact that I haven't been able to do more bugs me. It's very different than being up front where you're always doing something. They told me they really want me to be able to help out with the "hallway" procedures which is basically taking the patients into the exam room and going over the medication and post-op instructions with them. We'll see how it goes, since January is supposed to be a pretty jam-packed month.
  • So on top of this and social obligations it's been difficult to get a good amount of studying in. I've been trying to go over things at work when I have some free time, but with the holidays too it's been hectic. Since my OAT test date is on the first of February I really have to be on top of it once the holidays are over. I definitely have to get a study schedule going.
  • I'm the type of person that needs to have time alone to recharge after doing things, so I think that's another reason why I've been especially exhausted. On days that I haven't been working I've been running around doing errands or catching up with friends I haven't seen in a while. On top of that I accompanied my friend to her work holiday party the day after mine. And of course the boyfriend's family does their own celebration, and since he has two sets of parents there's a lot of back and forth there as well. Don't get me wrong it's been so fun! But the fact that I've got to just stay home for the past two days and not do anything has been the best Christmas present ever. That on top of the awesome food.

Daylight Savings

I'm missing summer already. As much as I like having an extra hour the whole getting dark before 5pm aspect kinda blows. It is nice when I have to get up really early for work and by the time I've commuted over the sun is out (if it's not going to be a cloudy day. Then we won't see the sun till after noon. If even).

A few weekends ago the weather was nice even in the city, so we decided to go for a motorcycle ride. My boyfriend and his friend love to do this every now and then, but ever since I've gotten a headset for my helmet I've been enjoying it too. My boyfriend's stepdad was nice enough to get me one and got to say it's one the best inventions ever. The intercom system is a lifesaver since trying to communicate during a motorcycle ride is not the easiest thing to do...Plus listening to my favorite playlist while going across the Golden Gate Bridge and passing by the ocean? AWESOME.

(His hair, lol)

Warby Parker Home Try-On (Part II)

I went through another shipment of glasses after my great experience the first time around with Warby Parker. I had one or two picks from the last time, but I wanted to try a couple more before coming to my final decision.

Again I'm still on the lookout for a pair of tortoiseshell frames so those are pretty much the only ones I picked. This shipment seemed to have more options for me but I narrowed it down to two. I like the style of the Sims and Theo frames along with the Wilkie ones from my first shipment. In all honesty I would be happy with having all three. Especially at the price, which is $95 for a full pair of glasses. This means it includes the price of the lenses as well (which comes with anti-reflective and anti-scratch coatings--usually an additional cost at most optical stores). Plus they come with UV protection. Definitely a must for someone like me who's always diligent about wearing sunglasses out doors.

Now my only problem is deciding which out of the three I'm actually going to purchase. That and to remember to print out a copy of my prescription when I'm at work. 

Sims & Theo

"Now I'm going to make it blurry on purpose..."

The week passes by so slowly day to day when you only work a couple days a week. Even though I have more free time during the middle of the week I tend to feel the most productive on the weekends. Last weekend for instance I got quite a few things off my to-do list done (even with the whole Bart strike going on).

I finally scheduled my boyfriend's (second ever) annual eye exam with one of my best friends who happens to be in clinic now. She's only doing primary care exams at the moment so unfortunately I can't schedule myself with her yet. Luckily I'm not due for mine for another couple months anyways, and by then hopefully she'll be in the contact lens clinic as well. It was nicer having the student clinician be someone I know since she allowed me to observe and look through the teaching tube. Even though I've shadowed quite a few optometrists it's not the same without the appropriate equipment available. It's pretty darn cool when you can see exactly what they're seeing in the microscope and the BIO (which was tricky to get used to. Another student clinician friend of mine came in to help me where to look since getting the right angle to see the mirrors are more difficult than it looked...). Overall a great experience! I got to see my boyfriend's optic nerve, observe how scleral indent is done and why, and basically be annoying and ask a ton of questions.

On top of that we caught up on a bunch of tv shows, ran errands, and got some studying in. All in all a very productive weekend. (And I don't know why but recently I've been craving such unhealthy food. I rarely eat burgers but I had that and a whole serving of fries too. You would think that would have satisfied my cravings but today I'm in the mood for chili cheese fries...).

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Warby Parker Home Try-On (Part I)

I stumbled onto Warby Parker through a mention in a magazine. The first thing that enticed me was their selection of stylish, yet classic-shaped frames. Once I noticed their affordable prices and the option of a Home Try-On process I was sold!

I had been on the lookout for a new pair of glasses since the ones I've been wearing are a few years old (oops). I had gotten my prescription updated and thought it'd be nice to have glasses that were a bit more stylish so I could wear them out and about. Ever since I started wearing contacts two years ago I noticed my eyes tend to get pretty red while I have them on. I do switch into my glasses as often as possible, but I don't like wearing them to work or when I'm hanging out with friends. Hence why I've been searching for a pair to invest in. I obviously checked out the selection that we have at work, and while they do carry a variety of styles and designers I just couldn't find one I liked enough for the price. (A Marc by Marc Jacobs frame came quite close but the $250+ price tag for just the frames was a little daunting. Especially since I had used my vision insurance already for contacts this year).
After hearing about Warby Parker I quickly picked out five frames to try using their free home try-on program. They came in about three business days. The day that you receive them is when the countdown to the five days you have to test them out start. I greatly appreciated that they have a program like this since I could automatically take two frames out of the running. Seeing them online, even if they show it on a model, is very different from actually trying them on in person. It definitely makes it harder since people's face shapes and features are different so certain glasses won't work on everyone. On top of that some of the frames were heavier than I anticipated. That was also a deciding factor for me since I tend to get headaches easier when I'm wearing my glasses for a long period of time. If I wanted to wear my glasses at work (which I want to try doing since wearing contacts for 12+ hours is just not as healthy on your eyes) they would need to be comfortable.

I'm pretty picky when it comes to glasses since I feel like they just don't look good on me! I did find one I was the most partial to but thought I might as well give this home try-on a second try. I mean, it is free after all. Plus the process is relatively easy. They provide you with the shipping label so you can put the glasses back into the same box they came in and drop it off at any UPS. (You can even drop it off at a Staples or Office Depot which is what I did. Many of them have a UPS section in their store). I'll post another update when my second shipment comes in. Crossing my fingers that I'll find a frame that I love.

New and Improved (?)

I had to insert a random photo of the current state of my desk since I like a post with at least one photo. And it also kinda reflects my life at the moment so it works out.

First off, I am trying to get back into blogging. I thought maybe if I switched things up I could get myself to posting more. I decided to change the name and url of my blog first and foremost. I liked Tulle Tarte at the time but realized it didn't mean anything to me anymore. Plus while I do like blogging about my frivolous interests I also missed just plain ole blogging about my day-to-day life (aka reminiscent of my days back on Livejournal. R.I.P.). While I don't want to get too personal on a blog that's available for anyone to stumble on, I want to record my process of getting into professional school. And hopefully continue blogging afterwards as well.

Anyways I think I will end it here since I do have another post I want to have up after I receive my second shipment of home try-on glasses. (Thought that would be pretty appropriate for my official first post after changing my blog name).

Blogger inspiration: Cupcakes and Cashmere

I've always loved reading blogs and one of the first ones I really fell in love with was Cupcakes and Cashmere. It wasn't the first blog I encountered but definitely the first one I felt was easy to read and the overall style was relatable. 

A couple years ago I had tried to put together an inspiration "board" of sorts on my computer. I had chosen a few of Emily's outfits to compile into that but never got around to doing anything with them. So I decided to put them on here to be able to look at them whenever I'm in a rut. 

Since I did this a while back these are more of her older outfits, but I still love them! Apparently I'm a big fan of layering, jackets and awesome shoes.

February 2013 Favorites

I thought it would be a good idea to start doing these every month since I'm always buying new beauty products. I tried to be a bit better this month, but obviously that didn't happen (okay maybe two of these were from the end of January so that isn't as bad, right?).

I've decided to be better about wearing sunscreen if I'm going outside at all, especially now that it's getting warmer and sunnier. I asked for some recommendations and my friend tweeted me about the Ole Henriksen Protect The Truth SPF 50+ sunscreen. I've been using it pretty consistently and I love it, which is pretty rare for me to say about a sunscreen. It does have that "sunscreen-y" consistency but it actually smells quite nice; it has a light citrus-y smell that disappears after application. Overall definitely one of the better high-end products I've bought. 

I've been loving the Maybelline Instant Age Rewind concealer (even if it is a shade too light for me). I don't really have blemishes to cover up but I do tend to get dark circles. I've found that the past couple concealers that I've tried are just not moisturizing enough for me but this one is great. Plus the applicator gets just the right amount of product out.

I should have just stuck with the one concealer but so many people had been raving about the Revlon Photo Ready Concealer that I had to pick it up. I made the mistake of going too light with the first one so of course in the Revlon one I went a shade too dark. It's not horrible but I feel like this color would work better for covering up blemishes (which I don't really have -- the only pro about having drier skin). I don't know if I love it better than the Maybelline one to repurchase once I'm done though. It's definitely not as creamy so it takes a bit more work if you're trying to use this as just an undereye concealer.

And here comes the beginning of the lip products...So first off I tried to be good (again, fail) and stop my obsession, but this Rimmel Moisture Renew Lipstick in Vintage Pink is so different from any other color that I decided it was okay. I've only tried this line one other time (in an even darker color) and I do really like the formula of it. I find it very hydrating which is a must for my lips but this line has mainly lipstick colors that have shimmer in them, which just doesn't work for me.

I never thought much about Too Faced's lipsticks until I heard Jen from From Head to Toe raving about it recently in her favorites video. I'm always on the lookout for that magical, moisturizing lipstick that won't make my lips drier. So I picked up the Too Faced La Crème Lipstick in Spice Spice Baby (the same one Jen has), and I think for the price it's a great high-end lip product. The packaging, including the box, is gorgeous and the colors are so pigmented. This color is definitely a my-lips-but-better color, which I've heard their lipsticks are great for. I might go pick up another color if I end up wearing this often.  

I rarely find lipglosses that I love but this one is my favorite one out of my entire collection as of now. I tried a NYX lipgloss a couple months ago and remembered not liking it (and returned it). I decided to give it a second chance and picked up the NYX Lipgloss with Mega Shine in Beige. I know it's weird that it's called that when it's clearly pink, but it's that wonderfully nude/pink that I've been looking for. I love it on it's own or paired on top of a lipstick.

And just for a random little favorite of the month, it would be this new game/app that I've downloaded called Fun Run. It's available both on the iOS and Android, and it's ridiculously addicting. I was crazy for Mario Kart when I was a kid so this game is right up my alley.

Belated Valentine's Day Post

So our actual Valentine's Day dinner was amazing. It was my first time trying the House of Prime Rib. Service was great and of course the food was delicious. I'm not that into steak but I ate this entire dish! Even with the smallest cut it filled me up (I don't know how people can get seconds), and the sides were just as good (especially the creamed spinach). Overall it was a great experience and I'm glad the boyfriend was feeling generous enough to take to me there. 

And for gifts we do this thing now where we just sort of tell each other what we want.  It sounds a bit ridiculous but it works! I mean, if we're going to spend a good amount of money on it might as well be something we know for sure the other person will like right? I posted pictures of the gifts on my instagram (which you should follow me on because I'm still addicted to that app after all this time). 

I gave him the 'Orange Monster' Seiko watch he's been wanting ever since he's been seeing it on his classmates. I honestly prefer the MK watch I gave him last year, but to each his own! And the first bracelet he got me is the Nailhead Heart + Arrow bracelet by Melinda Maria and the second bracelet is the Turnlock Small Katie bracelet by Marc by Marc Jacobs. Overall we were both very satisfied with our gifts!

Low Key Valentine's Day

Hopefully those of you that celebrated Valentine's Day had a special evening last night. I unfortunately had class for three hours in the evening and didn't get out till about 10pm. Luckily the bf was nice enough to visit me after we got out so we grabbed a quick bite and exchanged presents. We are actually planning to celebrate it "for reals" this weekend (apparently the bf made reservations at the House of Prime Rib, which I've never been to yet). So I'll have pictures of everything from yesterday and the weekend up next week.

It's President's Day on Monday which means most people have it off...of course that means I don't. But hopefully since it is a long weekend it means that either most people won't be coming by and/or the schedule will be light. For those of you who do get a three day weekend, enjoy it!

*Pictures are from the flowers I got delivered for my mom. (I personally think after four years she's gotten kinda used to receiving them..)

Healthy eating at it's worst

So it was really nice weather this weekend and of course we ended up eating. A lot. I've been trying to ease off my boba addiction and since it was so warm we used our buy one get one free coupon for Jamba Juice before heading out to watch Hansel and Gretel: The Witch Hunters (not that great to be honest). 

I also went to a high school friend's housewarming (or technically apartment-warming) party, where she ended up cooking for all 12 of us! And I would have loved to have brought a housewarming gift but instead she suggested that we could donate to this charity her company is currently supporting. So hey, good food + a good cause = a good night. 

The following day we met up with a different set of friends (which I like to the call the future doctors group since they're all going into the medical field) and had Sunday brunch at one of my favorite places. Although they have great food in general, I mainly like going there because of their Millionaire's Bacon. It's amazing. And this is coming from someone who's generally not a big bacon fan. So Sweet Maple is definitely a must try if you're in the city. And no matter how bad of a food coma we were getting, we had to get something sweet to finish the day off. The crepes in Japantown are always so cute that you almost don't want to eat them.

Over The Hump

So funnily I ended up not going with a lace dress. I swear I was really set on it! I just couldn't find the perfect one. Funny story though because the one I ended up wearing was something I had said no to when the boyfriend first suggested it. Since we had gone shopping early in the morning I was given lots of attention and someone ended up going around grabbing random dresses for me to try on. He and the boyfriend both agreed that this dress was their favorite. So we went with it! I unfortunately would have preferred different shoes, but I hadn't known what dress I was going with so just wore something I had on hand.

The event itself was really fun and at a gorgeous venue (the San Francisco Design Galleria). They provided dinner, had a photobooth going on, and a talent show (with premade videos/skits from people in the class). Overall a fun night and I had a good weekend overall. Definitely needed after expecting to do so much over the three day MLK weekend, but all I did was stay in bed since I got sick for the entire week. 

Lace Dresses

 I'm usually one to run out and buy a new dress whenever I have the opportunity to, but I've been trying hard to not once I did a whole closet organization. I realized that even though the majority of the time I'm not wearing dresses, I sure do have a ton of them (most of them only worn once or twice). 

But I do have to attend my boyfriend's formal that they're having at his school this Saturday and that is definitely a good excuse to get a new dress. Especially because most of my attire is more appropriate for going out to lounges/bars than a ballroom. And while formal events usual require longer dresses...I decided I'm not going that route. They just don't appeal to me, and the whole point of wearing a dress is so you can show off your legs! I did narrow my choices down to some sort of lace dress though I have no idea where to start. (Knowing me I'll probably be doing the dress shopping very last minute aka a few hours before the event). 

(Belated) New Years Resolutions

People always say they don't bother making resolutions since they break them anyways. I agree that it's hard to keep up with them, but it's all about being realistic. These are all changes I've been wanting to do for months anyways and just need that extra push of having it written down somewhere so I can't back down on them! 
  • Only eat lunch out once a week 
  • No snacking after 10pm 
  • Bring my dSLR around with me more 
  • Let my nails go polish free for a week each month
  • Try to blog at least once a week 

A Real Weekend

With my work schedule I never actually get a typical weekend, but I actually worked extra days during the weekday so my supervisor was nice enough to let me get Saturday off. I can't remember the last time I actually got both Saturday and Sunday to relax. Although I guess starting this week I'll get "three day weekends" since I'll be getting Wednesday through Friday off (I still have evening classes Thursday so I don't know if that really counts). For some reason I'm always a little bit excited about starting a fresh set of classes. It's probably just the buying new stationery portion of it. 

Anyways my day off wasn't that exciting but it was exactly what I needed. We ended up grabbing some brunch at Bun Mee, this Vietnamese sandwich place. Pretty Americanized and definitely more expensive than regular bánh mì places, but it's delicious. Plus I love that they stuff their sandwiches with extra carrots and daikon. We also purchased a few macaroons at Sift Cupcakes. Their macaroons are really chewy which I like (we got the earl grey, espresso, and strawberry flavors). And in between we caught up on Modern Family episodes and started Arrested Development (new favorite!). 

Back to the grind tomorrow though...

 Accompanying sauce to the sweet potato fries

 Grilled pork sandwich

Grilled five spice chicken sandwich

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