Warby Parker Home Try-On (Part II)

I went through another shipment of glasses after my great experience the first time around with Warby Parker. I had one or two picks from the last time, but I wanted to try a couple more before coming to my final decision.

Again I'm still on the lookout for a pair of tortoiseshell frames so those are pretty much the only ones I picked. This shipment seemed to have more options for me but I narrowed it down to two. I like the style of the Sims and Theo frames along with the Wilkie ones from my first shipment. In all honesty I would be happy with having all three. Especially at the price, which is $95 for a full pair of glasses. This means it includes the price of the lenses as well (which comes with anti-reflective and anti-scratch coatings--usually an additional cost at most optical stores). Plus they come with UV protection. Definitely a must for someone like me who's always diligent about wearing sunglasses out doors.

Now my only problem is deciding which out of the three I'm actually going to purchase. That and to remember to print out a copy of my prescription when I'm at work. 

Sims & Theo

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  1. LOVE. I think the Theo ones suit you really well. Also, your pictures are so nice. :')


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