Doesn't feel like January

How crazy to think there's only one more week of January left. I knew it would go by really fast which is why it's a good thing I made my OAT test for later in February since it seemed far away at the time, but now it's almost right around the corner.

Last week's surgery day actually went quite well. Everyone was really nice and overall it was an easier day than the one the week before that. Even without any more formal training I seem to be catching onto a lot of things. I take all different types of phone calls with ease at the front, but even though there are fewer calls at the surgery center I can't help with 90% of them so that's a pain. The couple that I did get last week just wanted more information about LASIK so I was actually able to help with that. After I got off the phone with a girl who had a ton of questions I realized I knew more than I thought. Now if only they'll find time to train me so I can put that to use...(aka start scheduling LASIK consults, surgeries, pre-ops/post-ops, etc). I'm at a point where I've gotten the hang of everything they've taught me and I've find the most efficient way to do the tasks. While my coworker who's been training me was busy with a patient near the end of the day I actually remembered how to close down all the machines and rooms so we were able to leave pretty early! That does help when you have to be at work before 8am. Which reminds me, they only have afternoon surgeries tomorrow so I can actually sleep in! And on top of that the first patient of the day apparently cancelled so I don't have to be in until 12:30.

Here's to hoping that tomorrow will be just as nice as last week (and I won't be sleep deprived).

After Holidays Haul

This is a bit late, but I did a little bit of shopping after the holidays. You would think after all the shopping I had to do for Christmas presents I wouldn't even want to think about it. I did have a couple coupons that were going to expire so I decided to stop by the mall.

I still had a few "Christmas" gifts that I had to give to friends (that I just waited to do at the end since I wasn't going to see them till the new year), so I managed to pick up some great 50% holiday-themed gift bags and wrapping essentials. I tried to pick the least Christmas-y ones so I could potentially use them during the year as well. 

I've been wanting to try a few things from The Body Shop so I stopped in. I only wanted to get the Vitamin E Eye Cream and the Vitamin E Nourishing Night Cream, but they had a buy-three-get-one-free deal so I ended up with the Tea Tree Pore Minimiser and the Seaweed Clarifying Toner. The last two were recommended by one of the girls working there. She definitely steered me in the right direction after asking me questions about my skin type. I've used all four of the products at least once, but I'd probably need to try it more to get a solid opinion on each. So far I am really liking the eye and night cream from the Vitamin E line.

I also stopped by Bath and Body Works since they were also having a 50% off sale on certain items. My mom is always wanting candles so I mainly stopped by to pick up a couple for her. I picked Party Dress for myself (which I'm actually burning right now) and I might get another one as soon as it's all gone. While I do like BBW's candles they can be quite strong, so as nice as the scent can be in the store it can be overwhelming once you start burning it. This one is lighter and I haven't gotten sick of it. For my mom I purchased Tuscan Herbs (pretty unique and light as well), Lily Ponds, and Villa Bergamot. The last two were strong though and the last one especially smelled like a cologne so might steer clear of those.

Since this "haul" I haven't gotten shopping since, which is probably a good thing since I bank account needs to recover after the holidays. That and I shouldn't be distracting myself when this is supposed to be a hardcore study month for my OATs in February. And like I mentioned in my last post, this month is pretty hectic surgery-wise. The chief optometrist just e-mailed us the other day with a break down of the schedule for tomorrow. I need to be in there a little before 8am meaning that I'll have to be on the train by 6am...This is why I can't get any studying in after I get home from work. After dinner I am passed. out. She did mention that we're having really nice/awesome patients tomorrow though so we'll see how that turns out. Crossing my fingers for no complications and that everything will go according to the schedule.

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