Over The Hump

So funnily I ended up not going with a lace dress. I swear I was really set on it! I just couldn't find the perfect one. Funny story though because the one I ended up wearing was something I had said no to when the boyfriend first suggested it. Since we had gone shopping early in the morning I was given lots of attention and someone ended up going around grabbing random dresses for me to try on. He and the boyfriend both agreed that this dress was their favorite. So we went with it! I unfortunately would have preferred different shoes, but I hadn't known what dress I was going with so just wore something I had on hand.

The event itself was really fun and at a gorgeous venue (the San Francisco Design Galleria). They provided dinner, had a photobooth going on, and a talent show (with premade videos/skits from people in the class). Overall a fun night and I had a good weekend overall. Definitely needed after expecting to do so much over the three day MLK weekend, but all I did was stay in bed since I got sick for the entire week. 

Lace Dresses

 I'm usually one to run out and buy a new dress whenever I have the opportunity to, but I've been trying hard to not once I did a whole closet organization. I realized that even though the majority of the time I'm not wearing dresses, I sure do have a ton of them (most of them only worn once or twice). 

But I do have to attend my boyfriend's formal that they're having at his school this Saturday and that is definitely a good excuse to get a new dress. Especially because most of my attire is more appropriate for going out to lounges/bars than a ballroom. And while formal events usual require longer dresses...I decided I'm not going that route. They just don't appeal to me, and the whole point of wearing a dress is so you can show off your legs! I did narrow my choices down to some sort of lace dress though I have no idea where to start. (Knowing me I'll probably be doing the dress shopping very last minute aka a few hours before the event). 

(Belated) New Years Resolutions

People always say they don't bother making resolutions since they break them anyways. I agree that it's hard to keep up with them, but it's all about being realistic. These are all changes I've been wanting to do for months anyways and just need that extra push of having it written down somewhere so I can't back down on them! 
  • Only eat lunch out once a week 
  • No snacking after 10pm 
  • Bring my dSLR around with me more 
  • Let my nails go polish free for a week each month
  • Try to blog at least once a week 

A Real Weekend

With my work schedule I never actually get a typical weekend, but I actually worked extra days during the weekday so my supervisor was nice enough to let me get Saturday off. I can't remember the last time I actually got both Saturday and Sunday to relax. Although I guess starting this week I'll get "three day weekends" since I'll be getting Wednesday through Friday off (I still have evening classes Thursday so I don't know if that really counts). For some reason I'm always a little bit excited about starting a fresh set of classes. It's probably just the buying new stationery portion of it. 

Anyways my day off wasn't that exciting but it was exactly what I needed. We ended up grabbing some brunch at Bun Mee, this Vietnamese sandwich place. Pretty Americanized and definitely more expensive than regular bánh mì places, but it's delicious. Plus I love that they stuff their sandwiches with extra carrots and daikon. We also purchased a few macaroons at Sift Cupcakes. Their macaroons are really chewy which I like (we got the earl grey, espresso, and strawberry flavors). And in between we caught up on Modern Family episodes and started Arrested Development (new favorite!). 

Back to the grind tomorrow though...

 Accompanying sauce to the sweet potato fries

 Grilled pork sandwich

Grilled five spice chicken sandwich

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