Belated Valentine's Day Post

So our actual Valentine's Day dinner was amazing. It was my first time trying the House of Prime Rib. Service was great and of course the food was delicious. I'm not that into steak but I ate this entire dish! Even with the smallest cut it filled me up (I don't know how people can get seconds), and the sides were just as good (especially the creamed spinach). Overall it was a great experience and I'm glad the boyfriend was feeling generous enough to take to me there. 

And for gifts we do this thing now where we just sort of tell each other what we want.  It sounds a bit ridiculous but it works! I mean, if we're going to spend a good amount of money on it might as well be something we know for sure the other person will like right? I posted pictures of the gifts on my instagram (which you should follow me on because I'm still addicted to that app after all this time). 

I gave him the 'Orange Monster' Seiko watch he's been wanting ever since he's been seeing it on his classmates. I honestly prefer the MK watch I gave him last year, but to each his own! And the first bracelet he got me is the Nailhead Heart + Arrow bracelet by Melinda Maria and the second bracelet is the Turnlock Small Katie bracelet by Marc by Marc Jacobs. Overall we were both very satisfied with our gifts!

Low Key Valentine's Day

Hopefully those of you that celebrated Valentine's Day had a special evening last night. I unfortunately had class for three hours in the evening and didn't get out till about 10pm. Luckily the bf was nice enough to visit me after we got out so we grabbed a quick bite and exchanged presents. We are actually planning to celebrate it "for reals" this weekend (apparently the bf made reservations at the House of Prime Rib, which I've never been to yet). So I'll have pictures of everything from yesterday and the weekend up next week.

It's President's Day on Monday which means most people have it off...of course that means I don't. But hopefully since it is a long weekend it means that either most people won't be coming by and/or the schedule will be light. For those of you who do get a three day weekend, enjoy it!

*Pictures are from the flowers I got delivered for my mom. (I personally think after four years she's gotten kinda used to receiving them..)

Healthy eating at it's worst

So it was really nice weather this weekend and of course we ended up eating. A lot. I've been trying to ease off my boba addiction and since it was so warm we used our buy one get one free coupon for Jamba Juice before heading out to watch Hansel and Gretel: The Witch Hunters (not that great to be honest). 

I also went to a high school friend's housewarming (or technically apartment-warming) party, where she ended up cooking for all 12 of us! And I would have loved to have brought a housewarming gift but instead she suggested that we could donate to this charity her company is currently supporting. So hey, good food + a good cause = a good night. 

The following day we met up with a different set of friends (which I like to the call the future doctors group since they're all going into the medical field) and had Sunday brunch at one of my favorite places. Although they have great food in general, I mainly like going there because of their Millionaire's Bacon. It's amazing. And this is coming from someone who's generally not a big bacon fan. So Sweet Maple is definitely a must try if you're in the city. And no matter how bad of a food coma we were getting, we had to get something sweet to finish the day off. The crepes in Japantown are always so cute that you almost don't want to eat them.

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