Low Key Valentine's Day

Hopefully those of you that celebrated Valentine's Day had a special evening last night. I unfortunately had class for three hours in the evening and didn't get out till about 10pm. Luckily the bf was nice enough to visit me after we got out so we grabbed a quick bite and exchanged presents. We are actually planning to celebrate it "for reals" this weekend (apparently the bf made reservations at the House of Prime Rib, which I've never been to yet). So I'll have pictures of everything from yesterday and the weekend up next week.

It's President's Day on Monday which means most people have it off...of course that means I don't. But hopefully since it is a long weekend it means that either most people won't be coming by and/or the schedule will be light. For those of you who do get a three day weekend, enjoy it!

*Pictures are from the flowers I got delivered for my mom. (I personally think after four years she's gotten kinda used to receiving them..)

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