Winter Land

Simple looking, but amazing tasting salad.

Here's me trying to restrain from devouring it.

I felt like this weekend went by in a blur. One thing I enjoyed was trying out this new place I've never been to with the SO yesterday. Since it is weirdly still cold and gloomy where I live (even though it's pretty much June already), I've been wearing sweaters and closed-toe shoes. I've become lazy during these past weeks, obviously itching to wear out my summer clothing, so I have been donning whatever is closest to me in the mornings. But seeing I was being taken out to dinner and all, I decided to wear some clothing that haven't been taken out of the closet since winter. I wore my brown, half-sleeve coat from Forever 21, which I've actually only worn twice. Obviously the guilt set in, which is why I paired it with a long-sleeved, blue and gray sweater. I also slipped into my black leather boots. Yes, only living right next to the ocean can cause winter-like weather at the end of May. I am very jealous of all of you who are wandering around wearing shorts and sandals.

My Forever Search for Flats

I'm sure almost all of you have heard of Tory Burch's famous flats with her very obvious gold logo. When I first saw these in magazines I didn't hate them like most people did, but I didn't exactly like them either. Honestly, I just kept thinking, what's the big deal? Of course that was a few years ago. I went downtown yesterday for some window shopping (which of course ended up in some real shopping, though to me, a purchase of a pair of aviators don't really count). I wandered into Nordstorms and had to look over all the amazing shoes I couldn't buy. I sat down in a chair to try on a pair of super high wedges, when I looked over at the seat next to me and there was the right foot shoe of the Tory Burch "Reva" ballerina flat. So for the hell of it, I tried it on.

And wow, I have never in my life experienced flats as comfortable as the one I had just slipped on. I suddenly realized what the craze was about. Just to clarify, I rarely ever wear flats. I honestly don't think I've worn a pair all year. Yes, I do happen to have three pairs stuffed into my closet somewhere, but thanks to my wide and uneven feet (my right is slightly bigger than my left) I can't wear them without wincing in pain mere minutes later. The only one I can stand for even an hour are an open toed pair. So that's why I was so shocked when I tried on the Tory Burch flats.

The one thing I'm iffy about (well, besides the $195 price tag) is the huge logo. It's very ostentatious, and I was hoping it would be less "bling" in real life. I also tried on the patent black ones since the logo is also in black, so it blends in, but was disappointed to find that it wasn't nearly as comfortable as the leather ones. But we'll see...maybe if I can somehow find a way to save that much without spending it, I'll give it another thought.

Stick 'Em Up

Although the winding down school year means that finals (and lots of stress) are coming up, it also signals the start of summer. For me, this also means I get to move into my new apartment! I've been looking around for some ideas to decorate the small place, and I found the site What Is Blik. They offer self-adhesive wall decals in a collection of designs. I can't help but think it is one of the best things ever invented. Basically, stick these on your wall, and take them off when you get sick of them (or have to move out). They're perfect for my temporary, school apartment. And of course, I had to look around for bird related designs.

Birds of a Feather, $40
Although it's very simple looking from afar, I love how the feather "pieces" break up into bird silhouettes flying away.

Flamingo, $30
I have to admit I'm not a huge fan of flamingos, but they come in so many different colors, it'd be such a fun and easy way to get some color into my apartment.

Brazilian Spirit, $50
I think this one is pretty self-explanatory. I'm a sucker for parrots.

Fly Re-Stik, $25
A classic, neutral bird design that I probably won't get tired of.

Steve Madden Baustin Bag

I ordered this Steven Madden Baustin fringe bag in black suede over the weekend. I'm so excited for it to arrive in two days. I've been lusting after a messenger-style fringe bag, but it is unbelievably hard to find one. Either they are in ridiculous colors, materials, or the fringe is too long/misplaced/etc. I've never seen this bag in person, so I'm hoping I won't be disappointed when I open the package. I'll let you know the verdict when it arrives.

Macaw Earrings

I am in love with these Elizabeth Cole parrot earrings. Anyone who knows me, knows that I'm obsessed with parrots. They're my favorite animal (though Maltese puppies and Border Collies are a close second). Plus they're just so vintage looking, which are the exact type of pieces I tend to gravitate to. Too bad these earrings cost a whopping $325. But now I'm on a mission for a cheaper, look-alike pair.

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