Winter Land

Simple looking, but amazing tasting salad.

Here's me trying to restrain from devouring it.

I felt like this weekend went by in a blur. One thing I enjoyed was trying out this new place I've never been to with the SO yesterday. Since it is weirdly still cold and gloomy where I live (even though it's pretty much June already), I've been wearing sweaters and closed-toe shoes. I've become lazy during these past weeks, obviously itching to wear out my summer clothing, so I have been donning whatever is closest to me in the mornings. But seeing I was being taken out to dinner and all, I decided to wear some clothing that haven't been taken out of the closet since winter. I wore my brown, half-sleeve coat from Forever 21, which I've actually only worn twice. Obviously the guilt set in, which is why I paired it with a long-sleeved, blue and gray sweater. I also slipped into my black leather boots. Yes, only living right next to the ocean can cause winter-like weather at the end of May. I am very jealous of all of you who are wandering around wearing shorts and sandals.

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