Daylight Savings

I'm missing summer already. As much as I like having an extra hour the whole getting dark before 5pm aspect kinda blows. It is nice when I have to get up really early for work and by the time I've commuted over the sun is out (if it's not going to be a cloudy day. Then we won't see the sun till after noon. If even).

A few weekends ago the weather was nice even in the city, so we decided to go for a motorcycle ride. My boyfriend and his friend love to do this every now and then, but ever since I've gotten a headset for my helmet I've been enjoying it too. My boyfriend's stepdad was nice enough to get me one and got to say it's one the best inventions ever. The intercom system is a lifesaver since trying to communicate during a motorcycle ride is not the easiest thing to do...Plus listening to my favorite playlist while going across the Golden Gate Bridge and passing by the ocean? AWESOME.

(His hair, lol)

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