August already?

This is what I wore out for my friend's birthday. I actually wore these H&M zipper wedges instead but just had on these sandals for driving. Which reminds me, the last picture below was taken since the bf thought my parking was too hilarious. How was I supposed to know the spaces were so long?!

Max Azria x Miley Cyrus blazer, Forever 21 dress + bracelet + ring, ASOS handbag, Walmart sandals

My summer go-to outfit

Charlotte Russe blouse, Forever 21 shorts + bracelet, Melinda Maria Pod Ring

These were actually taken about a month ago while we were waiting to pick up some friends. (Probably the only reason why an outfit post happened to be honest!). I'm kind of obsessed with silky, sheer blouses with a pretty print. Same goes for cardigans too. I actually need to stop purchasing them. And I just realized this is the first picture post showing off my Melinda Maria Vanessa Pod Ring (Black Onyx). I meant to make a post (similar to the MK watch one below) when this arrived, but I was too busy wearing it to really take the time to take photos of it. I had been wanting this ring for about two years before I decided I still liked it enough to get it. I only did this since a) it was expensive so more thought before taking the plunge and b) I knew it would always be available/it wasn't limited edition or anything like that. It paid off since I'm still obsessed over it and it literally has been the only ring I reach for when I go out.

(PS: I never thought I'd be one of those people who get things on their clothing when they wear white...but in my defense someone spilled it on me!)

Style MK5038

I had to make a quick update to share an exciting item I received last weekend. Remember when I first mentioned this watch here? Well since then I had checked out Fossil watches instead once I found out they make the watches for Michael Kors any ways. But out of no where the bf decided he wanted to get this for me when I visited him. At the store I was deciding between the tortoise Fossil watch and this one. In the end I had to go with the Michael Kors one since the Fossil one was way too "bling-y" for me. (It still is pretty though!)

Overall I am so happy with this watch and I've been wearing it pretty much everyday. And for those of you who are wondering, mine is called the Michael Kors Tortoise Jet Set Watch. (It's also available in a bigger and smaller size than this).


H&M blouse, Forever 21 skirt, Gap flats, Asos bag

I'm not usually one to plan my outfits in advance but this impulse buy skirt (got persuaded into it by a salesperson) made me plan some outfits around it. I'd be wishing and wishing for some warmer weather and now that I've got it I almost wish it was slightly cooler so I could wear this out!

90 degrees

I've slowly but surely been building up my summer wardrobe. Even at places like Forever 21 or H&M I'm terribly picky, and I don't like to buy things just because they're inexpensive. I finally had time to dig around the huge F21 at my mall and ended up picking up a few items of clothing. I bought a maxi dress (my first one! Not pictured), a flowy leopard print skirt with splashes of blue, and an almost-blush colored tank with white printed birds (I have a thing for anything bird related). On top of that my friend and I decided to order these heart-shaped sunglasses from Urban Outfitters. She decided to go with the red ones (super cute) while I decided on black (a little more subtle).

I keep telling myself I'll take outfit pictures, but I always forget to when I'm out! Though I never really featured those too much in my blog anyways, so I don't know if anyone's even interested in them in the first place?

Polish Addiction

So I really wanted the Stranger Tides polish from the Pirates of the Caribbean collection, so I stopped by the nearest O.P.I. selling store. Of course other colors ended up catching my eye, and they told me it was a buy-3-get-1-free deal so how could I resist?

From left-to-right: I Vant to be A-Lone Star, Dulce de Leche, Stranger Tides, & Lucky Lucky Lavender.

Summer Time Wishlist

As gloomy as the weather has been, it hasn't thwarted me from fantasizing about things I want for the summer. Even though yesterday called for my leather boots and cargo jacket, I've already been ordering warmer weather pieces such as the heart-shaped sunglasses above. This summer is definitely all about easy, flowy pieces with pops of color and print.

Steve Madden Shelbi Wedge Sandals

I recently purchased these sandals thanks to my mom. Otherwise I probably wouldn't have given these a second look. We were both at DSW looking at shoes for fun (though I was looking for some Luella-like wedges in particular) when my mom pointed these out to me. Honestly I was surprised that she even thought they were nice! They definitely reminded me a bit of Christian Louboutin's Miss Fortune Platform Sandals (often seen on Kim Kardashian). Not something I originally was interested in, but after trying them on I liked them more than I thought I would. Plus I didn't have any nude sandals so I ended up purchasing them. (You can still find them here, though my color is no longer available). I'll definitely try to post some photos of them on when I can!

Gorjana Astrology Charm bracelets

I had been searching for the perfect pieces of jewelry to send off with my mom when she goes to visit my grandma when I came across these astrology charm bracelets by Gorjana. I had already taken a liking to the brand earlier during my search because of their simple, yet unique style. Not only that many of their pieces are in my price range! I ordered the Gemini and Pisces bracelets for around $60 (with a coupon code courtesy of retailmenot). What I especially like about them is their shorter chain length. I always have a problem with these types of bracelets being way too big for me, but these are perfect! Now I just wish I had thought to order one for myself...

Packaged in the usual small silver boxes.

And placed in little plastic baggies.


I know Michael Kors watches are pretty popular, but to me I never would have spent that much on a gold watch that I wouldn't wear all that much. That was until I saw this MK watch in Tortoise on a fellow classmate last quarter. At the time I didn't know it was Michael Kors so I didn't look for it right away, but then I saw a celebrity wearing it and decided I had to know who it was by! I've also seen it in person a few times at the Michael Kors store and it is just as gorgeous. Unless I can find a cheaper version, this is on my wishlist.

Long time no see

I can't believe it's been almost three months since I've updated here. I promise I haven't ditched this blog. I guess you can say I told myself I wouldn't be blogging until my finals were over, then I moved so I've been busy with life basically.

I recently made a twitter account, so feel free to follow me on there! (Also a good place to ask me any questions or tweet me any messages you'd like me to respond to).

Hold my jewelry

I've always meant to find a prettier option to store my jewelry (they currently sit in mini plastic drawers) but never found anything I've particularly liked. I was recently browsing through the Urban Outfitters website, when I found multiple jewelry holders that were so perfectly vintage-looking I couldn't pass them up.

Blossom Tree Jewelry Stand: definitely not your typical jewelry stand
Botanical Hand Jewelry Stand: usually "hand" holders are predictable but the print and color gives it something unique
Lattice Heart Trays: perfect for storing anything from bracelets to perfume bottles
Enamel Turtle Catchall: for a girl who has too many rings, this is a must!

You know it's Monday...

...when you go to class not realizing it was canceled (and somehow that e-mail mysteriously landed in the trash bin without being read), your computer decides to die on you, and your pick-me up of Pocky sticks runs out way too fast.


I've currently been obsessing over soft, neutral colors and vintage-looking jewelry. This weekend will be the perfect time for me to search for some of these and relax after my Friday midterm. (Can you believe it's almost the end of January?)

(And if you'd like the links to any of the items above, leave me a comment! I accidentally forgot to save them like I usually do).

What's in my bag

The obligatory "bag post".

ASOS Quilted chain bag (still available here)
Louis Vuitton wallet: has held up despite all the abuse
LG Venus cell phone: ditto with this
Ray Ban wayfarers: for those unbearable sunny days
Keys: Borders always has the cutest keychains
Sephora compact mirror: the perfect simple, lightweight mirror
Softlips chapstick: if it's not on me I will have to stop somewhere to buy one
Revlon lipstick in Coral Berry: the only lipstick I've ever bought a backup for
Revlon Colorstay eyeliner: so easy to apply and has great staying power
La Roche-Posay Anthelios sunscreen: works amazingly with my skin (I normally hate sunscreen)
Pilot pen: pretty much the only brand of pens I use
Peppermint candies: can also be replaced with gum

Sunny days

The past three weeks have been a blur. I'm always excited for the weekend although compared to the rest of the week I feel so unproductive. Luckily (or unluckily) I have a ton of studying to go through for my midterms next week. I'm hoping to manage a day out though since the weather has been amazing lately (and of course I would get sick when the temperature has been up in the seventies).

First week done

It's already the second week of classes and as usual my apartment looks like a mess. I did manage to get two things off my list done over the weekend: unpack all my clothes and re-do my nails. (I know, I know).

But with my classes being so early in the morning now and my schedule being hectic on top of that, it's killing me! Some days I'm honestly ready to go to bed around 9pm (definitely fell asleep for a few minutes after dinner). I don't know what's so hard about having class at 8am, while 9am is perfectly fine. It probably doesn't help that the sun isn't up when I'm biking so I literally freeze by the time I get there (note to self: bring gloves/mittens/SOMETHING so my fingers don't turn red and numb...)

Since this post is pretty much me complaining here a few good things that happened: my Monday lab ended within 10 minutes, my study group got cancelled today so didn't have to wake up early, found one of my favorite vintage video games the other day, been acing all the quizzes for my hardest class this quarter, and I managed not to get nail polish all over my fingers so now my nails look awesome.

First post of 2011

I spent New Year's Eve and New Years day in San Francisco with some of my favorite people. Even though it rained and it was freezing, I still had a ton of fun. I definitely enjoyed the clam chowder bowl we ordered at Fisherman's Wharf, which I haven't had in years.

2010 went by extremely fast; it's true when people say time flies by as you get older! Since we're starting off 2011 with a clean slate here are a few of my New Year's Resolutions:

☆ Cook more! (Stop eating out so much).
☆ Keep up with my blog and Project 365.
☆ Don't skip a single one of my classes this quarter!
☆ And definitely don't procrastinate (as much).
☆ Actually use my planner this year.

I've kept them pretty simple since otherwise I know I won't go through with them. Hopefully even these five won't be broken.

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