My summer go-to outfit

Charlotte Russe blouse, Forever 21 shorts + bracelet, Melinda Maria Pod Ring

These were actually taken about a month ago while we were waiting to pick up some friends. (Probably the only reason why an outfit post happened to be honest!). I'm kind of obsessed with silky, sheer blouses with a pretty print. Same goes for cardigans too. I actually need to stop purchasing them. And I just realized this is the first picture post showing off my Melinda Maria Vanessa Pod Ring (Black Onyx). I meant to make a post (similar to the MK watch one below) when this arrived, but I was too busy wearing it to really take the time to take photos of it. I had been wanting this ring for about two years before I decided I still liked it enough to get it. I only did this since a) it was expensive so more thought before taking the plunge and b) I knew it would always be available/it wasn't limited edition or anything like that. It paid off since I'm still obsessed over it and it literally has been the only ring I reach for when I go out.

(PS: I never thought I'd be one of those people who get things on their clothing when they wear white...but in my defense someone spilled it on me!)

Style MK5038

I had to make a quick update to share an exciting item I received last weekend. Remember when I first mentioned this watch here? Well since then I had checked out Fossil watches instead once I found out they make the watches for Michael Kors any ways. But out of no where the bf decided he wanted to get this for me when I visited him. At the store I was deciding between the tortoise Fossil watch and this one. In the end I had to go with the Michael Kors one since the Fossil one was way too "bling-y" for me. (It still is pretty though!)

Overall I am so happy with this watch and I've been wearing it pretty much everyday. And for those of you who are wondering, mine is called the Michael Kors Tortoise Jet Set Watch. (It's also available in a bigger and smaller size than this).

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