Recovery during break

Vintage top, Forever 21 skirt + belt + ring, Chinese Laundry heels

So I'm finally on spring break, but I haven't been able to do much since I've been sick. Thankfully I'm feeling better enough to go out tomorrow. I only have four days left before I have to go back to school for another quarter, sigh. Hope everyone's having a good spring break (or if you aren't on it yet, I hope you have some exciting plans!)

Catching up on sleep

I'm done with finals!! I finished Thursday morning, and it feels so good not having anything to do. Though I'd be more happy if I hadn't gotten sick. It's ironic since the weather has been so nice and warm here this week. But I guess it's not surprising since it all started after I began pulling all-nighters to study. I'm just hoping this won't ruin my spring break. Anyways, I've been living off ramen the past few days since I've been so broke, but after selling my books/finishing finals good food was in order. I can't believe I just recently found out about Fresco Cafe. They have the yummiest sandwiches, and the most unbelievable desserts. (And the last picture is just some random items I bought at this Japanese market that happened to be across the street for the cafe).

Just one week till spring break

I don't know why I'm so obsessed with skirts when, to be perfectly honest, I don't wear them all that often. (It probably doesn't help I bike to class everyday). After recently going through my extensive skirt collection, I realized I needed more knee-length pencil skirts. While the ones I have technically aren't "mini" they tend to almost look that way since I'm tall. People who know me know that I have a habit of checking the Forever 21 website almost daily, so it's not surprising I found these skirts I just have to have.

How time flies

For most people when it's finals week you'd expect less updates, but for me it's the other way around. I find that I procrastinate the best blog the most when I'm supposed to be writing a paper or studying for something. Anyways, I feel like my blog has been lacking in outfit posts lately. I guess I've been behind the camera more, rather than in front of it. I'm addicted to my still-fairly-new DSLR so the excitement hasn't worn off yet. Which is definitely a good thing seeing it cost quite a bit! Anyways, I still have my heart balloon from Valentine's Day. :) I'm surprised it hasn't "died" yet.

Forever 21 cardigan + boots + shirt + necklace, vintage sunglasses + jeans

Writer's Block

Credit: pinksherbet flickr

Sometimes you just need a little inspiration. (Although I guess for research papers it's less inspiration and more...researching. Sigh).

House of Harlow Mini Key Necklace arrived!

I totally forgot to mention that I received my House of Harlow Mini Key Necklace last month (which I mentioned in this post). I adore it. It's the perfect, simple (yet unique!) necklace to wear everyday. Though I will admit sometimes I forget to put it on in the mornings (I can't sleep with any jewelry on for some reason. Is that just me?).

And I changed my nail color back to a dark color. I don't know, that's just my fall back shade I guess. Plus it's also new so I get a little excited about trying out new colors. (It's O.P.I.'s "You Don't Know Jacques"). But the picture featured below is a week old, so of course my polish is all chipped by now (= me bored in class). Anyways, short post since it's one in the morning and I must continue researching for my paper. (And I apologize for the excessive use of parentheses in this entry. I'm a little tired).

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