Pattern mix up

Forever 21 shirt, skirt and jewelry, Urban Outfitters flats, and Vintage cardigan.

(I don't know why I'm making a weird face here, lol).

I sorta threw this outfit on without thinking, and surprisingly it worked. I usually don't mix patterns at all, but this is one of those exceptions I guess. And I know I said I would try to incorporate more silver jewelry into my outfits but I can't help reaching for the first gold thing I see.

Lazy reading days

I've had two midterms this week, and it was horrible. Luckily I only have class Monday through Wednesday so I spent the day winding down. I needed a new book to read so I bought "The Devil Wears Prada". Even though I heard about the book soon after the movie came out, I never planned to read it. But I'm glad I did since it was really good. I pretty much finished it in two days.

(Ignore the papers. They're study notes I was too lazy to clean up).

(My favorite book of all time is "The Time Traveler's Wife". I first read it 5 years ago before most people had even heard about it. The moment I finished the book I swore someone just had to make a movie out of it, haha. The heavier book is the last Harry Potter book which I read again for the third time. Of course, sandwiched in between, are some recent magazines).

Little Comforts

I just had to post this to say I need one of these in my life.

Sweaters and Stripes

I've been looking for the perfect striped sweater, and luckily (or maybe unluckily?) I found one that I want in both colors. I love how the thin stripes are situated. Plus its flowly shape is perfect without being too baggy. These are definitely going to be on my list of items to examine when I'm out window shopping.

BDG Boxy Stripe Pullover Sweater

Swarovski and Skulls

How fabulous is this Alexander McQueen Knuckle Duster Clutch? Seeing that it's $1,595 I can't believe it's already sold out! Though I have to admit if I had money lying around, I'd definitely snap this up.

Silver Update -- Bracelets

I can never get enough of bracelets. It was actually quite hard to find silver bracelets I liked, though I had to refrain myself from picking some fabulous gold ones. (I'm trying here, really).

Kerri Wilder Flower Cuff
Delicate and feminine, yet not too "middle school"

Pamela Love Talon Cuff
A bit eerie but the exact style of unique jewelry I love.

W&T by wear-and-tear Bracelets
Gray and silver is the perfect neutral combination.

Metal Studded Wrap Cuff
The look of stacked bracelets without all the clunk.

Python Studded Cuff-Triple Bracelet
A studded bracelet with snake print? Can't get any better than that.

Designers on Sesame Street

I recently looked through the September issue of Bazaar and came across what became one of my favorite spreads. The theme is Designers on Sesame Street, and it is all kinds of lovely. I think I'm missing two pages, but the rest are here. It features some of my favorite designers too, which is always a plus. (And wow, way to make me obsess even more over the boots I posted here).

Silver Update -- Necklaces

First off, I just thought I'd say a sort of administrative note. The comments for each post are located at the top, and not at the bottom. I know that's ridiculously confusing seeing most blogs always have their comments at the end of each post, but this is how the comments are set up in this layout. Alas it is the only thing I don't particularly like about my blog design (though everything else is love love love!). Anyways, I realized that necklaces were a bit harder to look for than rings. Maybe because I don't really wear necklaces all that often anymore. But I am satisfied with my findings.

Arrow Point Modern Necklace
Geometric shapes on jewelry just kill me.

Statement Multi Layer Metal Bib Necklace
The perfect statement/bib necklace with the right pop of color.

Knotted Rope Necklace
You can't go wrong with a simple knotted rope with any outfit.

Gemma Necklace
Forgive me, I just had to include the necklace version of the talon ring.

Leather Chain Necklace
I can't get over leather incorporated into jewelry. It's the perfect combo.

W&T by wear-and-tear Chain Necklace
Definitely a necklace that will catch your eye. In a good way.

Silver Update -- Rings

I've realized that I really need to update my silver jewelry collection. For some reason I've never been very fond of silver. All the current jewelry I wear is gold. I find gold more my style since I tend to go for more bohemian pieces. But recently silver jewelry has been catching my eye and it sparked my interest into looking for some pieces online. Since I'm a total accessories/jewelry fiend I thought I'd split this into a few posts since I know I can't make one post with a limited amount of rings, necklaces, earrings, and bracelets. So first, rings...

Feather Wrap Ring
I'm a sucker for feathers on anything, so it's not surprising that I want this. Now.

Lois Hill Oval Cutout Ring
I'm obsessed with intricately cut rings, and this is no exception.

Talon Knuckle Ring
I've been coveting this ever since I saw it on FashionToast.

Iosselliani Snake Ring
I'm not usually one for dainty diamonds, but the snake makes it so much cooler.

Pamela Love Peacock Ring
The bigger the ring the better. I'm already imagining this taking over my finger.

Follow TulleTarte

Just a note to say I recently signed up with BlogLovin'!

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Shoe Envy

Photo taken from Sea of Shoes.
I envy her shoe collection. But then again, who doesn't? (Check out her blog for more amazing-ness!)

Who What Wear book

So the Who What Wear: Celebrity and Runway Style for Real Life book is available for purchase! Finally. I really want to order it right this instant just judging from the short summary. I already have two fashion books I love (and have read a ton more) but this one seems like another one to add to my collection. How many of you are adding this to your "must purchase" list?

Tears and layers

Multi Tiered Skirt
How fun is this skirt? It caught my eye right away. I almost love how it doesn't come in a bright color since the skirt itself is so eye-catching that the grey is a perfect balance to its outlandishness. And the best part of neutral finds are that you can wear them with everything. How fun would a neon pink tank look against this? This item is definitely something I'm gonna be on the lookout for on my next shopping trip.

Why not?

MICHAEL Michael Kors Desert-Large Drawstring Satchel

This bag caught my eye while I was out shopping yesterday, and I can't get over it. I literally want this bag in every single color. I actually went to go look at it because, from the back, it looks like a minature version of the Birkin bag. So I just had to go over and take a peek. And I was pleasantly surprised to see that in the front there are two structured pockets with buckles and a dangly MK emblem. Though on the website it is featured in only two colors, at stores there is also a chocolate brown available which is just to die for.

Peep toes and Cut Outs

Studded Booties

I am having the worst cravings for some hot peep-toe/cut out shoes. I'm more of a sandal girl during the summer so I don't know why I'm suddenly itching to order myself a pair online right this instant. I do need to restrain myself seeing I need to leave whatever precious credit I have on my card to take out the fam who is visiting me tomorrow. Yes, I'm such a good daughter I know. Let's just hope my mom never finds out about my major shopping addiction.

Virginia Ankle Boot Pump

Seychelles Laser Cutout Heel

Alive Double Platform Boot

Behold galore

Yes Frills Wall Jewelry Holder
Since I've moved into my new apartment last month, I've realized I need a better way of organizing my jewelry. Since I have a wooden drawer where my jewelry boxes are, I end up scattering the top with rings, bracelets, earrings, and necklaces that I wear on a daily basis. While the mostly un-worn items are fine sitting inside the shelves, the others are thrown in a jumble together on the drawer top. Since I've been organizing my place lately, I thought a chic jewelry holder would be a perfect addition to my new, cleaner apartment.

Ceramic Tree Stand

Lace Pedestal Jewelry Stand

Wooden Heart Dish

Mirror Mirror on the Wall

Vintage blazer, Heritage 1981 shirt, Forever 21 skirt, Forever 21 ring and earrings.

Although I'm a bit late on mentioning it, I finally got the skirt I've been wanting that I mentioned in this post. I'm horrible at ordering online so I was so relieved when it fit! Though I'm wearing it with bare legs now, I'm more excited to wear it in fall with tights and boots. It's the perfect floral piece to take me in between seasons.

Dangly Gold

I've been obsessing over this Katie Costello Triangle Knot Necklace for months. I had been searching for the perfect, long gold necklace, and when I laid my eyes on this I knew I had found it. Unfortunately, the $173 price tag prevented it from becoming one of my everyday staples. So I guess I'm still on the search...

Jump jump

Those boots are god. The end.


Though all these pictures make the food look delicious, the only thing that really was delicious was the last one, the chicken teriyaki sandwich I had when I was home. It was my first time having it, and wow, I was seriously wondering where it had been all my life. For the other two, I had the chicken breast sandwich (with "salad") at this beachside cafe with the bf who ordered the fish and chips. Let's say it wasn't up to par to the chicken teriyaki. We actually went to the cafe only because we were meeting up with others who were sunbathing at the beach there. Unfortunately the weather has turned crappy since then so I'm back to wearing sweaters and jackets. I also start new summer classes next week, so we'll see how that goes. At least I don't have to wake up at 7am anymore!

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