Aphrodite's Pink Nightie

I haven't painted my nails a bold pink in a long time. All the ones I currently have are pretty old and I'm tired of the colors. I love this O.P.I. pink, called Aphrodite's Pink Nightie, since it's bright yet not neon-y. It's my new spring color to celebrate the weather finally getting warmer (even though it's been crazy windy here for some reason).

Super simple sweet potato fries

I've always loved sweet potatoes, but have never made anything with them myself. When I read how easy fries in general are to make, I decided to give sweet potato fries a try. I can't get enough of potatoes, no matter how they're cooked, but fries are a definite guilty pleasure. Sweet potato fries take the best of both worlds, and they're healthy!

This recipe is so ridiculously simple and requires little effort. I had a bag of sweet potatoes that had been in my cupboard for a few days and I finally took them out to make these fries. First I peeled the skins off (though you don't have to), and cut them into strips. Then I tossed them lightly with some extra virgin olive oil and salt. I pre-heaeted my oven to 350°F while I arranged my sweet potato strips onto a baking sheet. Then I placed them in the oven for about 20 minutes (or longer if you want them extra crispy!). Then they're done. So delicious!

Spread your wings

I just bought this gold bird ring when I was in Wet Seal this weekend. I usually don't shop there, but I was on the lookout for some black knit shorts to wear underneath skirts and dresses. On top of finding a great pair of $5 shorts, I spotted this ring and had to grab it up. You guys should know I have an obsessions with anything bird-related!

I also managed to do a little "spring cleaning" concerning my closet too. This means I added a few more things to the store, so check them out!

Stripes, stripes, and more stripes

Forever 21 shirt + belt + skirt + necklace + ring, Urban Outfitters sandals

I have an obsession with stripes. After seeing this striped shirt in the Forever 21 Spring 2010 Lookbook (on right) I couldn't get my mind off of it. Sadly it sold out almost immediately online and I pretty much gave up hope. Luckily they just happened to have one left at the Forever 21 store downtown. Obviously I snatched it up right away! It's so comfortable and flattering. For class I like to just throw it on over a pair of distressed shorts and cute flats. But seeing that it rained recently and just as quickly the weather got nice so I decided to "dress up" this shirt with lots of florals.

(Just realized that the way the shirt is styled on the model looks similar to mine! I swear I just noticed this now, haha).

Jewels + announcement!

Photos of my favorite pieces of jewelry. I do have bracelets and more earrings that I love, but I didn't want to try to fit them all in this picture.

Anyways, I'm mainly posting to say that I've got a new online store up! It can be found here (it's also in the sidebar). My friend, Stephanie, and I decided to open up one together. It only has a few items up at the moment, but lots more will be posted as the week goes on. And it will continue to be updated often, so please bookmark/follow it! All prices are negotiable so don't be afraid to comment or e-mail us to bargain.

Coveting Cynthia Vincent Target Wedges

Image from Nitrolicious

I've been dying to get my hands on these Cynthia Vincent Gladiator Wedges for Target. I've been coveting her Twelfth Street by Cynthia Vincent Luella Wedges (seen below on Vanessa Hudgens and Amanda Bynes) ever since I laid my eyes on them. But for around $400 it was totally out of my price range. So I gave up that notion, until the greatest thing ever happened: Target collaborated with her to get these amazing $30 gladiator wedges that look just as nice as the originals! I can't believe they're already sold out though! And the nearest Target from me is an hour away. Sigh. Maybe I will try to make the trip next weekend?

Image from InTheirCloset

Making Kimbap

I hope everyone had a good Easter! I don't really celebrate it, and it was really gloomy and started to rain so there wasn't much to do. Plus I ended up not waking till 3 in the afternoon due to watching Dexter till 5 in the morning. (Definitely won't be doing that again anytime soon).

I recently made kimbap which I guess you could call Korean version of sushi (though it's really not sushi at all). I didn't have much to work with since I hadn't gone grocery shopping yet, but it ended up turning out pretty tasty! I just added long strands of yellow radish and fish sausage (lightly marinated with soy sauce). So easy to make, and definitely filled me up with just two rolls.

Preparation on my (wobbly) kitchen table.

Mixing the cooled rice with vinegar, salt, and sugar.

All my ingredients and tools ready.

My completed roll brushed lightly with sesame oil.


Sunny windy days

Sorry I've been MIA! It's the first week back and it's been hectic. I mean, I still haven't finished unpacking or buying all my books. Guiltily I will admit I haven't cooked a thing this whole week. So bad, I know. Especially since I promised myself I would stop eating out all the time due to money and health. Which reminds me I have to start getting into a regular exercise routine by next week.

Anyways, the weather here has been on and off. It's really sunny, but still so cold since the wind just cuts right through you. But moving onto a more exciting/fashionable topic, I just bought these two gold rings and I'm in love. I'm already wearing the dimpled armor ring everyday. They're both from Forever 21, and I'm already regretting not buying three of each! Especially since they were so inexpensive.

(The sugar buns picture is sorta random, but they were too delicious not to post)

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