Flowers and Chiffon

I just saw this skirt on the Forever 21 website (which I check almost daily), clicking "New Arrivals". Passing by the usual obviously "cheap" looking items, I was surprised, and delighted, to catch this wonderfully delicate looking, chiffon skirt. If it isn't evident just by observing my blog title, I love anything that exudes anything girly and romantic. And secondly, it looks like a great vintage piece. I can already imagine a thousand different ways I would wear this. For summer the easiest, and chicest, way would be to pair it with a simple white tank and some chunky gladiator flats. Of course I would adorne the whole outfit in my favorite gold jewelry. And even though I feel like it's light years away, this skirt would definitely still work for fall by pairing it with thick tights and tall boots.

I can't wait till I can go home (after finals of course) and snatch this right up.

Smile For the Camera

I encountered the Nikon D40 at the new Best Buy in my town today. And first off, I've wanted a DSLR, but my cravings have been on and off. Recently they have been "off" since I had gotten over my jealously of seeing beautiful pictures taken by my friends online, and had decided that the price tag was way too out of my range. But playing with it, and snapping pictures in the store made me fall in love with it all over again. The Nikon D40 seems the best choice since it's one of the cheaper versions, it's easy to use, and it has all the basics. It's still a whopping $500+ though.

Why does it seem like the past few posts of mine have been lusting after items that are way more than what my bank account holds?

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