This is really late, I know! But I hope you guys had a good Valentine's Day and/or three day weekend. I pretty much live for three day weekends. I spent most of it relaxing after a hard week of midterms, shopping (not as much as I wanted though), watching movies, and pigging out (of course). My V-days was very low-key. We watched Valentine's Day the movie, went downtown, and had an amazing sushi dinner.

This weekend on the other hand is going by way too fast. I finally got my grocery shopping done! I've been putting it off/being lazy and eating out for most of my meals. Definitely not promoting my "eat healthy!" New Year's resolution. But tonight I will be cooking a meal. So overdue.

Midterm week and rain....

Here's my procrastination coming back again...I have two midterms tomorrow! It always seems like I do my best procrastinating when I'm the most stressed. And I just checked the weather and it appears that it's going to rain again?! What is wrong with the weather these past couple of weeks? Saturday was rainy, then today was sunny, and tomorrow it's going to start raining again. It's like one day I'm in sandals and the next I'm busting out my rainboots again.

On a happier note, I finally received my order of flats from Footzyrolls! I don't know how many of you have heard of them, but I saw an ad for them in a magazine and was intrigued. They took forever to ship, but I'm pretty happy with them. I'm thinking of doing a review soon if anyone's interested in that. I'll definitely have to see how they work after a long night of wearing heels (since that is their intended use after all). And did I mention how excited I am for the three day weekend coming up? Yes, I know I did. But I'm excited for sushi!

Spring Colors

Sorry if my layout is looking a little rough right now. I'm having some technical problems with the html after accidentally messing with it over the weekend. I have midterms and research paper drafts to do this week, so I'll probably try to get it all tidied up next weekend. Which reminds me that it's a three day weekend! You don't even know how excited I am. I definitely need an extra day to relax. I painted my nails with the new polish I mentioned in this post. It took three coats to make it non-transparent. I guess I'm just used to really dark colors. I like this one since it's pink with a pearly sheen on it! It changes colors under the light. It has an underlying blue shine to it. Weirdly I can only see it half the time. I also bought another new polish this weekend. I read somewhere about lilac being hot for spring, and I found the prettiest one so I had to snatch it up! Oh gosh, my poor nails can't get any time off.

No time for meals

Schools been killing me these days. It's midterm week and my schedule sucks, no joke. I have my first one this Friday, then one on Monday next week, and two more the day after that. And of course the two that I have on the same day are my most important midterms. So this hasn't really been helping me to stick with my new years resolutions. One of them being that I will eat out less and cook more. It's kinda hard to get myself to start making a meal after being physically and mentally drained from classes and studying. So I'll probably be starting my new years resolutions after midterms are over (including the one saying I'd exercise at least three times a week!)

I did make spaghetti once though!

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