Don't study on an empty stomach

It's kind of ridiculous how much I've been craving a good tuna sandwich with steak (not regular!) fries. I have a total weakness for anything "bread-y" (in fact, I had a bunch of pasta yesterday). But I'm excited to eat at a bunch of different places this weekend when I'm in L.A. I've already mentally noted at least five places I want to try to eat at while I'm there. Other than eating and shopping (what else?), I haven't made any set plans. It'll be nice to be out of town during the craziness of Halloween though (after this many years here, I'm so over getting excited about it).

And of course I should probably stop Yelp-ing places and start cramming for a midterm I have in a few hours.

Easy to do leopard print nails

I've never been that into making my nails elobarote so I usually stick to one color all over. But recently I've been wanting to try leopard print nails in a way that wasn't too obnoxious. Hence why I stuck to classic black and white prints against an almost-nude pink background. (I used Forever 21's polish in Mauve and Milani's Nail Art polishes in Black Sketch and White Canvas. Of course feel free to use whatever colors you desire).

• First, start off with however many coats of your base color you need. (I used three since this polish is so sheer).

• When your base is completely dry, start making a few dots, placed randomly, on each nail. I did about 4-5 dots each (it's okay if they're not perfectly round).

• While it's fine to use the given nail polish brush to make the lines, I like to use an old felt tip eyeliner for extra precision.

• Start making outlines around each circle. Make sure they're not too perfect! I like to have some fully closed outlines, and leave others slightly undone.

• Once everything is dry, finish off with a top coat to preserve your designs for as long as possible!

Who knew salted caramel hot choco = delicious?

Forever 21 jacket + jeans + necklace, Charlotte Russe boots, nOir rings

It officially feels like fall. The days are getting shorter (sadly) and I'm currently typing this while it's thundering and pouring outside. (While it's always a cozy feeling in a situation like this, I'm praying it won't be raining when I have to bike to class tomorrow. Never a good experience).

I can't get you out of my head

I've kind of been in an obsessive shopping mood lately, but (thankfully) I have curbed my cravings and have only purchased a few items that I actually need. Though impulse purchases have been to a minimum, my I-want-to-get-this-eventually list has been growing longer!

• There are so many lace-up booties out there, but these in particular caught my eye. Not too crazy and the perfect heel height.
• I didn't realize how hard it would be to find a relatively inexpensive, but simple quilted chain bag. Everything's either overpriced or plain ugly. But this one is the perfect all around.
• Usually palettes don't interest me, but the Urban Decay Naked Palette has been getting so many good reviews it's hard not to want it.
• I don't know if it's blatantly obvious by now, but I have this about rings and knuckle/armor rings in general. I thought I would get over this one by now, but I can't stop visiting the site to stare at it! (It doesn't help the Free People catalog arrived yesterday and it was featured on practically every page).
• I love Nicole Richie's Winter Kate collection, and this cardigan is my absolute favorite.
• Out of all the Mulberry for Target bags, this one caught my eye right away. Perfect for carrying around all the junk I need throughout the day.

Minimal effort

Mondays call for caffeine, easy food, and studying (especially when you have an exam the next day and you don't know crap).

Lauren Conrad Fashion PSA

Thought this was hilarious! Hope you guys have a good weekend.

You're hot then you're cold

I always tell myself I'll buy rainboots when we start approaching this kind of weather, but so far it hasn't actually happened. I'm all for rainy days as long as I'm inside, snuggled up in a blanket reading a book, but it's those days when I have to go to class that I despise them. Thankfully it stopped pouring early this morning, but I've told myself I would finally purchase a pair of rainboots this year instead of suffering with wet feet (one of the most unpleasant feelings).

Luckily I only have one class today, so the rest of the day will probably be spent cozied up in a bookstore with a warm cup of coffee (which I weirdly don't like to drink most of the time) and studying (of course).

Recent purchases and a poll

I didn't mean to but this weekend I made some purchases after spending a few hours downtown. Lately I've been trying not to make any impulse buys, but luckily the above cargo jacket had been one of the items on my "fall shopping list." I've found that some other jackets I've tried on are shapeless or way too big, but this Forever 21 one is the perfect fit and length. (It's still available online too). It's still pretty warm here so I'll have to store it away till it starts getting colder.

I also managed to find a silver cross connector ring while rummaging through the jewelry section (surprising since the Forever here never has any of the accessories I want after seeing them online). It happened to be the only one out of all the ring bins there and I kept thinking how lucky I was. Then I went to check to see if they had another cargo jacket in small and saw a random ring bin on a table stacked with clothing. And of course there were about ten other cross rings in there...They're slightly different than the ones that came out first; this one is thinner and the metal is a bit shiner. Apparently they're still really popular and sell on eBay for upwards of $80! I know I wanted to get my hands on one of these for a while (but wasn't that desperate) and was even thinking about purchasing the $12 version from the Material Girl line at Macy's. So if any of you happen to want one, let me know and maybe I can go back and grab up a few more. They'd probably be about $9-10 including shipping and handling.

And if you aren't already, follow me on Bloglovin'! Which reminds me, answer the poll below since I am curious like that.

What do you use to read blogs?

Is it really already October?

It's been a hectic week ever since classes have started. Visitors have kept me busy which is why I've been MIA from the computer in general. It was horrible timing that a heat wave decided to come along (and I had been complaining about the lack of warm weather here all summer!) but nonetheless it was fun. I probably gained a few pounds from all the going out and eating and I'm still tired from the past few days of "sleeping" in my hot apartment. Thankfully it's actually cooled down enough that it's chilly outside at night (which is normal weather here). I'm relieved that my schedule allows me to have Friday's off since I'm going to need the extra day with the weekend to recover and catch up on work.

Hope you guys have a relaxing weekend (and if you're in California like me, aren't you so glad it's finally cooling down even just a bit?!)

My current favorites (taken for a photo meme).

Decent spicy California rolls that passed as an easy dinner.

Random raccoon on the roof (cute and creepy at the same time. Apparently it likes Nutter Butters).

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