Working in my Giles Eek Hat

I never thought there would come a time where I would actually dread the weather getting warm. I hate being cold so I'm usually pretty excited when spring/summer comes back around. I feel like this year though just as I started really enjoying my "winter" pieces (I do live in California after all) I have to start putting them away again.

This Giles Eek Hat by Wool and The Gang is a prime example (back in stock in 'tweed gray'). I debated purchasing it for so long I only got to wear it three times. The most recent time I actually decided to wear it on my commute to work not caring if it would mess up my hair or not. This day was probably one of the last real cold days before it started crawling up toward the high 70's. Unfortunately it was still too dark in the morning to photograph my outfit so I had to take these on my commute back. (The hat looked more appropriate with my winter coat I promise).

I did a whole post on the unboxing which you can view here. I hadn't worn it at the time though. Regardless of the fact that I won't be able to wear this hat anymore (unless I decided to visit somewhere a lot colder soon) I am still obsessed with it! The eyeballs look even better when the hat is being worn, and it really does an amazing job of keeping your head warm. That thick knit, besides looking oh so cool, does wonders of keeping the chilliness away. 
Express shirt (similar), Old Navy pants, Target belt (similar), Ray Ban sunglasses

Almost Spring Wishlist

I think the fact that I have a trip coming up has actually gotten me excited about looking into new items to add to my closet. And once I get into one of these moods it's hard to stop. I mean, just the other day I made an Amazon order, a Loft order, and am pretty close to making a J.Crew one after obtaining a 30% off coupon code.

Here a couple things that I've only thought about buying but haven't (yet).
1. Dolce by Dolce and Gabbana Perfume. I normally try to avoid the pushy sales ladies on the department store floors, but one managed to hand me a sample of this and go into a spiel about how it was new and had some exotic flower in the ingredients. I decided to smell it just to be polite, and FELL IN LOVE. I know, that's pretty dramatic. But I'm picky about perfumes and have been using the same one for five years now. I picked up the smallest spray possible on Sephora (since it is quite expensive), but I've gone through more than half of it now. I think it's time to invest in the next size up.
2. Ray Ban Eyeglasses (RB5228 in Brown/Pink). I normally wear contacts but wear my glasses whenever I'm at home since my eyes tend to get pretty dry (typical asian female yo). I've never found any frames I like enough to consider wearing them out and about, but I tried these on and they just worked on my face shape. It's been almost a year since I discovered them and think it's time to invest. (Though with the amount I'm working at the surgery office I don't know how practical that's going to be. I mean it's a little weird to be working in a LASIK center and be wearing GLASSES).
3. Kitten Espadrilles. I need a pair of warm weather shoes that aren't sandals and these look comfy enough to wear out and about without being sneakers. (Though I still love my black Nikes to death).
4. Lexi Round Sunglasses. While I love the whole round sunglasses trend, I just know they won't work on me (*tear). These still have round lenses while the frames give the illusion that they actually have a slight cat eye shape.
5. Gold Apple MacBook. Okay this is more about the fact that it's GOLD. I mean, look how pretty that is. But I really couldn't live with just one port. And anyone who says they can is lying.
6. DV by Dolce Vita Cassidy Boot. A flat, black pair of ankle boots have been on my wishlist forever but I've never found a pair that I've liked. I honestly just wanted something simple and comfortable that could be worn with a variety of different outfits. These qualities were a lot harder than I thought it was to find. I tried these on at the store around Christmas time last year, but ended up buying another pair of shoes on my list (finally checked off a pair of tall brown leather boots). I'm tempted to order these before my trip and just switch between these and my flat tan suede booties...
7. Get It Together Pencil Pouch. I know's planner with this saying is super popular but this pencil pouch appealed to me more (and it's in stock!). I like that it's flat and could even be used as a small makeup bag.
8. Tonal Windowpane Scarf. I've realized that I really like this windowpane pattern that's becoming popular. One of the items in my most recent Loft order is actually a blouse with a black and white windowpane pattern (will share if I end up liking it). I like how the pattern on this scarf is more subtle though and still lightweight enough to wear in this almost-spring-weather.

Life Lately: Don't Stop Me Now

1. I've been trying to be better about using my planner since I obsessed over it until I could get my hands on it. (It's the Weekly edition of the Simplified Planner by Emily Ley. Thinking of potentially doing a review on it after I've used it more and before she comes out with her 2016 version later this year). I've also been back to making my own iced milk teas now that a)the weather is warming up and b)I'm trying to spend a little less at boba places. (Key word: little).
2. My dad went to Seattle recently to show his high school friend from Korea around when he was in California to visit. Of course they went to the iconic first ever Starbucks and got me this mug. I've been keeping it at the surgery office since I can always boil up some hot water and make some tea when I need a pick me up.
3. I finally used the reusable bag that came with my Giles Eek hat (see my post here for more info). It's a little hard to tell in the photo but I ended up buying the same hat in two different colors. (I'm actually wearing the black one in my most recent Instagram photo). I just realized now that if I had bought it online I could have gotten 10% off the second one...*sad face* But I'm picky about hats so I'm glad I got to try them out in person.
4. One of our previous surgery patients was so sweet and dropped by a few days after with the biggest plate of homemade chocolate chip oatmeal cookies. I took a few home and I've finished them off already. (What diet?). I've also started a new book, The Paying Guests by Sarah Waters which apparently I've had on hold. I usually go through books pretty fast and a lot had already happened in the story line when I realized that I was actually only 35% through the book! If you're a Goodreads user check out other books I've recently finished here.

Work OOTDs: Incorporating classics

I haven't gone to the gym for two weeks straight since I've been working so much. It also doesn't help that healthy eating has also gone out the window during this period too. (I am sitting here writing this while drinking my leftover In-and-Out neapolitan shake from last night's dinner...).

The weather here has been in that weird transitional phase. It's still pretty darn cold in the mornings and evenings, but the afternoon can get quite warm (especially if the sun is shining out and you have to walk quite a bit to grab some lunch).

So I've been breaking out my cropped pants and pencil skirts (though still with stockings). None of these are ground-breaking outfits, but they're appropriate enough for work without being totally boring. I've been trying to incorporate more timeless pieces that I can rotate between outfits and style in different ways.

A few outfit details:
  • Black cropped pants. I scooped these up from Target in their "work wear" section. I have to admit they aren't the best fit. They are a great length, and I like how the waist band area is thick but not constricting. Yet they are a little baggy around the knees and around the calves. That could just be due to my body type though since these pants have a good rating on the website. I've tried higher end cropped pants with a similar problem so I decided to just stick with these.
  • Navy cropped pants. I know in the photos above they're hard to tell the difference, but the navy ones are the ones in the third photo. These are from Old Navy and fit a lot better. The only caveat is that they're not as stretchy so overall not as comfortable, especially since I feel like I'm in between sizes. These are just a tad too tight, but the size above was way too loose. These have over 1,000 reviews on the website and a four star rating. If the fit and comfort was better I would purchase them in all the colors. 
  • White blouse. The first outfit above was actually inspired by Fran (from Franish, a medical student who blogs about fashion and medicine. Current favorite read! If the fact that I went back pages and pages on her blog wasn't evidence enough). I decided to wear something similar the next time I went to work when I realized I actually didn't own a single white blouse. This was actually the only white blouse that I could find in the store so I bought it without even trying it on. Luckily it fit and even luckier I love it!
  • Black leather watch. I won't go into too much detail since I'm planning a post exclusively on this brand, but it isn't just a blogger-hype. I've had this for over half a year and wear it pretty much every day. And it still looks great. I can't recommend it more. (More details to come).

February Favorites 2015

I thought I would bring back these monthly favorite posts since I tend to shop too much and love trying new things. So why not share them on here? (Ironically I noticed the last time I did this was February as well...but two years ago, oops).
  • Where'd You Go Bernadette by Maria Semple. I actually first noticed this book because of its cover. And this was before I even saw it in full color since it was one of the covers on my Kindle box when I first received it. My friend started reading it (and never finished) but she did rave about it so I decided to pick it up when I was feeling in the mood for a real, physical book. It was a pretty easy read for me so that was nice. Not too heavy but entertaining. Most of the book is written via correspondence between all the different characters. The narrator's mom (who is Bernadette) is hilarious. Definitely my favorite character throughout the novel.
  • Symphonized Noise Isolating Headphones. Small, portable headphones that also isolate noise are a must for a public transportation commuter like me. I live pretty far from work so I have to get up extra early to arrive on time. Every morning I try to at least get some more sleep on my train ride, though it gets difficult when the moving train makes so much noise. I never cared about noise isolating headphones till I started commuting. Now I can't survive without them. I used to use these white Skull Candy ones that I was obsessed with, but after having to re-purchase them for a second time after they broke I decided to look into a different brand. I saw all the good reviews on Amazon and for the price I couldn't pass them up! They are made out of genuine wood and on top of looking pretty darn cool they work amazing. The only gripe I have with them is that they don't have volume control. This is a bummer since I try to keep my phone tucked away on the train (I've seen way too many people have their phones snatched). 
  • Ariella Collection Crystal Ear Jackets. I have been looking for some ear jacket earrings ever since they started becoming popular. I know Bauble Bar usually has a good collection, but never got around to making an order since the ones I had my eye on were always sold out. I decided to browse through Nordstrom's earrings when I was making an online order and saw these. I had never heard of the brand before, but they appealed to me right away. I have pretty much been wearing them every single day since I've gotten them. I have never gotten more compliments on a pair of earrings until I got these (the fact that my hair is shorter probably helps too). They aren't too flashy that I can't wear them to work, but are noticeable enough that I've gotten comments on them from patients, coworkers, and other strangers alike.
  • Laneige Multi-Cleanser. I originally was buying a cream from this brand for my mom at Target when they happened to be having a special where if you bought something from Laneige you got a free mini sample set. In it happened to be this cleanser. I'm pretty happy with my Cetaphil cleanser but decided to try this out one evening after I had finished taking most of my makeup off with a wipe. The description claims to "melt away sunscreen and makeup." Most cleansers that state this are usually too harsh and drying for my skin, but this one didn't give me any of those side effects. It almost gives your skin a squeaky-clean feeling without making it feel too stripped of essential oils. The cleanser does contain "exfoliating papaya" but I wouldn't recommend it if you're just interested in an exfoliater since the papaya dissolves pretty rapidly. I don't mind since I have a separate cleanser I use just for that and I don't want my main cleanser to have that property anyways. I now switch off between this and my Cetaphil cleanser.
  • NatureBox Strawberry Greek Yogurt Pretzels. I've had a subscription to this company for a while since I love snacking. I try not to get them every month though since I'm the only one who's usually eating them and it takes me a while to get through them. I recently made a new order after not getting a shipment in a while and loved these pretzels. They are just the right amount of sweet and crunchy. I almost finished the whole bag in one day...(You can find promo codes online if you're interested in signing up for NatureBox. I also am able to send three invites to anyone interested in joining where you can get a free deluxe box [the size I get] for the first month).

Unboxing: Wool and The Gang Giles Eek Hat

Yep, I just bought that hat. I do remember seeing it here and there but I don't know where my sudden obsession came about. One day I just decided I needed to get my hands on it. I browsed through their site and noticed that they had a lot of cute designs in the same type of hat, but I had to get the Giles Eek one. And by had to I mean that it has EYEBALLS on it. C'mon. Do you know how hard it is to find stylish/unique/cool items with eyes/eyeballs on it? VERY. (See my I Heart Guts post below. It is so much easier to find dental-related items versus optometry-related items). 

So I thought about the purchase for a few weeks before deciding to order it when the website proclaimed that there was only "1 left in stock" for this style and color (though how true that is I do not know. The grey one did disappear after I put in my order, but then I noticed it back again the next day. Either way I did not want to risk it!) Ironically it looks like the hat is out of stock in the grey color as I am typing this post. But they have three other colors available here.
It arrived pretty quickly considering it was coming from out of the country. The package was simple but was just another reason I liked it. It came with a few #shareyourknit stickies and a REUSABLE BAG. (I get very excited about these, especially if they're cool like this one).
The actual hat itself came in a simple white "brown bag." And the product is exactly how it looks in photos. The huge chunky knit is amazing and I love the eyeballs knitted on there as well. On top of just looking cool it does a fantastic job of keeping your head warm. Unfortunately the weather isn't cold enough to be wearing such a thick beanie, but luckily it seems like it'll be getting cooling down again soon.

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