I Heart Guts Love/Review

When I was googling some blogs to read that related to optometry and dental school I found one (that I can't remember now unfortunately) that featured a tooth keychain. I thought it was adorable, and luckily the blogger mentioned where she got it from. That's how I found out about I Heart Guts. I don't see how anyone who's in the health profession can't get excited about all the goodies they have on there. 

My first purchase there a few months ago was the white tooth keychain and two eyeball pins. The keychain is amazing, not gonna lie. I would probably buy one of each for myself if I was in that field. The back of the white one says, "Flossin' Aint Just For Gangstas." How cute is that? The eyeball pin is pretty self-explanatory. The card that it comes on does say, "Party Pupil In The House!" For $4 it is made pretty well. Ever since I've gotten it I've been wearing it on my name tag at work. I've had so many optometry students and coworkers comment on how much they like it. (They usually think it's a sticker before the optic nerve that sticks out gives it away). I bought the second one for my friend, who used to be a coworker but is now in optometry school. I thought it was a good congratulatory gift. 

I had posted a photo on Instagram with my first purchase through I Heart Guts with a caption saying how I wished they had more eyeball related items. They left a comment asking if I had seen their plushie. I had of course, but look at all the teeth related items they have! Okay, maybe not that much more but I would go crazy over an eyeball keychain.

I had always been planning to make at least one other purchase through them and thought when my good friend's birthday was coming up it would be the perfect excuse to do so. Again, since there's only a plushie left I decided to get her the eyeball one ($20). Now she had the matching set! She ended up loving it, but her dog ended up loving it even more. I wish I could post the video she posted on her IG. But basically shows her corgi playing roughly with the plushie. All I could comment with was, "I'm surprised there hasn't been a retinal detachment yet O_O." To be honest I was pleasantly surprised with the quality of it when I received it. It's a good size and made pretty well. I'm definitely going to order one for myself in the future. The other items I purchased was the gold tooth keychain, the teeth pin, and another white tooth keychain. I got the gold one for my supervisor at work who actually used to work at the dental school my boyfriend currently goes to. The back of this one says something different though: "Can You Handle The Tooth?" The teeth lapel pin is probably my favorite out of the bunch though. It's a small size which makes it really cute and not at all obnoxious. And unlike the eyeball lapel pin it's made out of a zinc alloy rather than plastic. My boyfriend currently has it on his school bag and its also gotten a lot of compliments.

My next order will probably include the tooth and eyeball plushies. And I'll have their website bookmarked so I can wait to see if they add more eyeball related goodies.

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