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I've been feeling pretty relieved lately now that I don't have to think about my OATs for a while. But pretty much soon after they told me that one of the surgery staff is going on vacation for two weeks in April. So now the pressure is back on for me to get fully trained in the majority of what she does on surgery days, and on top of that, on non-surgery days (meaning days when they're doing consults and pre-ops). That's one of the reasons they want me to come in on whatever extra days I can to do training (on top of my regular two days a week + whenever there's a surgery = 3x a week typically). This week is the only week since the beginning of the year that there hasn't been a surgery date. So because of that I decided to plan to go in on Friday to get some more training. I actually haven't met the other optometrist yet that does a lot of the consults (and some pre-ops/post-ops) since I'm only there on surgery days. (The chief optometrist is there, but teaching in another clinic, though she'll always drop by throughout the day). 

In the meantime, I've finally organized my desk up to my liking. I can now sit there without feeling anxious about how disorganized everything is and then just give up and start distracting myself on the computer (oops). I picked up a few inexpensive things at Home Goods (had a few good finds, but definitely had to do some digging). Although Target does have great pieces as well, they can be quite pricey for what it is. In general I've been liking the decor items from Nate Berkus' line, but if they're not on sale they can be pretty pricey for what it is. I try to walk at the end of the aisles first since they always leave their clearance items there. That's where I picked up the items pictured above. I was itching to get a desk calendar, but after re-organizing I noticed that it was going to be way too cluttered. (My very first choice was the Stendig calendar but of course by the time I looked into it they were all sold out. Maybe for 2015...). I picked up the 2014 Sugar Paper Calendar on sale for $4. It's a good size and doesn't clash with my desk. I also found these cute greeting cards by Mara-Mi the same way. Definitely have been helping not having to spend a ton to get my place to look nicer. Hopefully I can get photos up once I feel like it's up to my standards.

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