You know it's Monday...

...when you go to class not realizing it was canceled (and somehow that e-mail mysteriously landed in the trash bin without being read), your computer decides to die on you, and your pick-me up of Pocky sticks runs out way too fast.


I've currently been obsessing over soft, neutral colors and vintage-looking jewelry. This weekend will be the perfect time for me to search for some of these and relax after my Friday midterm. (Can you believe it's almost the end of January?)

(And if you'd like the links to any of the items above, leave me a comment! I accidentally forgot to save them like I usually do).

What's in my bag

The obligatory "bag post".

ASOS Quilted chain bag (still available here)
Louis Vuitton wallet: has held up despite all the abuse
LG Venus cell phone: ditto with this
Ray Ban wayfarers: for those unbearable sunny days
Keys: Borders always has the cutest keychains
Sephora compact mirror: the perfect simple, lightweight mirror
Softlips chapstick: if it's not on me I will have to stop somewhere to buy one
Revlon lipstick in Coral Berry: the only lipstick I've ever bought a backup for
Revlon Colorstay eyeliner: so easy to apply and has great staying power
La Roche-Posay Anthelios sunscreen: works amazingly with my skin (I normally hate sunscreen)
Pilot pen: pretty much the only brand of pens I use
Peppermint candies: can also be replaced with gum

Sunny days

The past three weeks have been a blur. I'm always excited for the weekend although compared to the rest of the week I feel so unproductive. Luckily (or unluckily) I have a ton of studying to go through for my midterms next week. I'm hoping to manage a day out though since the weather has been amazing lately (and of course I would get sick when the temperature has been up in the seventies).

First week done

It's already the second week of classes and as usual my apartment looks like a mess. I did manage to get two things off my list done over the weekend: unpack all my clothes and re-do my nails. (I know, I know).

But with my classes being so early in the morning now and my schedule being hectic on top of that, it's killing me! Some days I'm honestly ready to go to bed around 9pm (definitely fell asleep for a few minutes after dinner). I don't know what's so hard about having class at 8am, while 9am is perfectly fine. It probably doesn't help that the sun isn't up when I'm biking so I literally freeze by the time I get there (note to self: bring gloves/mittens/SOMETHING so my fingers don't turn red and numb...)

Since this post is pretty much me complaining here a few good things that happened: my Monday lab ended within 10 minutes, my study group got cancelled today so didn't have to wake up early, found one of my favorite vintage video games the other day, been acing all the quizzes for my hardest class this quarter, and I managed not to get nail polish all over my fingers so now my nails look awesome.

First post of 2011

I spent New Year's Eve and New Years day in San Francisco with some of my favorite people. Even though it rained and it was freezing, I still had a ton of fun. I definitely enjoyed the clam chowder bowl we ordered at Fisherman's Wharf, which I haven't had in years.

2010 went by extremely fast; it's true when people say time flies by as you get older! Since we're starting off 2011 with a clean slate here are a few of my New Year's Resolutions:

☆ Cook more! (Stop eating out so much).
☆ Keep up with my blog and Project 365.
☆ Don't skip a single one of my classes this quarter!
☆ And definitely don't procrastinate (as much).
☆ Actually use my planner this year.

I've kept them pretty simple since otherwise I know I won't go through with them. Hopefully even these five won't be broken.

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