Steve Madden Shelbi Wedge Sandals

I recently purchased these sandals thanks to my mom. Otherwise I probably wouldn't have given these a second look. We were both at DSW looking at shoes for fun (though I was looking for some Luella-like wedges in particular) when my mom pointed these out to me. Honestly I was surprised that she even thought they were nice! They definitely reminded me a bit of Christian Louboutin's Miss Fortune Platform Sandals (often seen on Kim Kardashian). Not something I originally was interested in, but after trying them on I liked them more than I thought I would. Plus I didn't have any nude sandals so I ended up purchasing them. (You can still find them here, though my color is no longer available). I'll definitely try to post some photos of them on when I can!

Gorjana Astrology Charm bracelets

I had been searching for the perfect pieces of jewelry to send off with my mom when she goes to visit my grandma when I came across these astrology charm bracelets by Gorjana. I had already taken a liking to the brand earlier during my search because of their simple, yet unique style. Not only that many of their pieces are in my price range! I ordered the Gemini and Pisces bracelets for around $60 (with a coupon code courtesy of retailmenot). What I especially like about them is their shorter chain length. I always have a problem with these types of bracelets being way too big for me, but these are perfect! Now I just wish I had thought to order one for myself...

Packaged in the usual small silver boxes.

And placed in little plastic baggies.


I know Michael Kors watches are pretty popular, but to me I never would have spent that much on a gold watch that I wouldn't wear all that much. That was until I saw this MK watch in Tortoise on a fellow classmate last quarter. At the time I didn't know it was Michael Kors so I didn't look for it right away, but then I saw a celebrity wearing it and decided I had to know who it was by! I've also seen it in person a few times at the Michael Kors store and it is just as gorgeous. Unless I can find a cheaper version, this is on my wishlist.

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