A day in food

If I'm starting my day early then I have time for breakfast/brunch after class. I can never eat a big amount of food right when I wake up so something simple like a salad with lots of veggies and protein is perfect.

Since brunch keeps me pretty full I end up eating a late lunch around 3 o'clock. I adore Silvergreen's crispy thai chicken salad. I'm getting hungry just looking at the picture.

If I'm not lazy and actually cook, dinner usually consists of something I whip up quickly. Of course pasta is the easiest, yummiest choice. Since we don't have a Soup Plantation/Sweet Tomatoes here I always buy Joan's Broccoli Madness salad from Costco. Definitely not healthy at all, but it's too good not to get!

Of course my friend calls when I'm taking photos

My photographer was MIA at this time so I just quickly snapped some photos myself. I love easy, baggy sweater tops and the American Apparel Raglan Pullover is the epitome of that. It's the perfect cozy sweater for when the weather is slightly chilly (even though it's summer). After falling in love with this I'm planning on buying it in more colors and sizes! But that's somewhere in the far future since I'm living on a limited budget till after my trip. Of course that didn't stop me from trying on a million things today and debating whether emergency cash or a new bag was more important (this, except in nude, caught my eye!)

American Apparel top, Anchor Blue skinnies, Thrifted shoes, Forever 21 + Noir bracelets

80's Purple

I recently found 80's Purple while googling one of my favorite jewelry brands. They carry a variety of brands and the pricing ranges from $10 to $200. I pretty much love everything they stock and check their site regularly. Here are a few of my favorite items.

• I'm finally jumping on the maxi dress train (I know took me long enough).
• A funky looking necklace that almost looks like a mini chain bag!
• I don't know why I don't own a pair of black shorts yet! These are perfect for any look.
• Such a beautiful bohemian bracelet made even better since it's Disney.
• I love Wildfox Couture and this leopard print sweater is no exception.
• I have this weird thing for anything "spiked". This ring could totally be a weapon.

Non-productive Sunday

Urban Outfitters shirt, Target tank top, Anchor Blue jeans, Payless flats, Forever 21 jewelry + bag + cardigan

I was so set on making use of this Sunday to catch up on my reading, but that did not happen at all. Instead I ended up going out for burgers, window shopping, and watching Eclipse. (And no, I'm not one of those crazy Twilight fans, but I'm not exactly a hater either. It's entertaining!).

My two friends are planning on having a joint birthday party in Vegas at the end of this month, which also happens to fall at the same time I have my finals. I hope the rest of the days until then are more productive so I don't have to stress too much before the trip!

Let loose

This week was overly stressful, tiring, and dramatic. Tomorrow will hopefully be "none of the above". (And this is late, but hope you guys all had a good fourth of July!)

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