Of course my friend calls when I'm taking photos

My photographer was MIA at this time so I just quickly snapped some photos myself. I love easy, baggy sweater tops and the American Apparel Raglan Pullover is the epitome of that. It's the perfect cozy sweater for when the weather is slightly chilly (even though it's summer). After falling in love with this I'm planning on buying it in more colors and sizes! But that's somewhere in the far future since I'm living on a limited budget till after my trip. Of course that didn't stop me from trying on a million things today and debating whether emergency cash or a new bag was more important (this, except in nude, caught my eye!)

American Apparel top, Anchor Blue skinnies, Thrifted shoes, Forever 21 + Noir bracelets


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  2. I have this jumper too...
    It's really cosy without being to bulky!

    xx Black Adder Fashion

  3. love the shoes and bracelets.

  4. I really like your stud bracelets!

  5. Kirsty Billie: Oh isn't it? I adore it to pieces.

    Lee Oliveira, Madeleine, Style'n, Wendy: Thank you guys! I'm in love with the bracelets too. I wear the gold Noir one EVERYWHERE

  6. Love those bracelets!



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