Almost Spring Wishlist

I think the fact that I have a trip coming up has actually gotten me excited about looking into new items to add to my closet. And once I get into one of these moods it's hard to stop. I mean, just the other day I made an Amazon order, a Loft order, and am pretty close to making a J.Crew one after obtaining a 30% off coupon code.

Here a couple things that I've only thought about buying but haven't (yet).
1. Dolce by Dolce and Gabbana Perfume. I normally try to avoid the pushy sales ladies on the department store floors, but one managed to hand me a sample of this and go into a spiel about how it was new and had some exotic flower in the ingredients. I decided to smell it just to be polite, and FELL IN LOVE. I know, that's pretty dramatic. But I'm picky about perfumes and have been using the same one for five years now. I picked up the smallest spray possible on Sephora (since it is quite expensive), but I've gone through more than half of it now. I think it's time to invest in the next size up.
2. Ray Ban Eyeglasses (RB5228 in Brown/Pink). I normally wear contacts but wear my glasses whenever I'm at home since my eyes tend to get pretty dry (typical asian female yo). I've never found any frames I like enough to consider wearing them out and about, but I tried these on and they just worked on my face shape. It's been almost a year since I discovered them and think it's time to invest. (Though with the amount I'm working at the surgery office I don't know how practical that's going to be. I mean it's a little weird to be working in a LASIK center and be wearing GLASSES).
3. Kitten Espadrilles. I need a pair of warm weather shoes that aren't sandals and these look comfy enough to wear out and about without being sneakers. (Though I still love my black Nikes to death).
4. Lexi Round Sunglasses. While I love the whole round sunglasses trend, I just know they won't work on me (*tear). These still have round lenses while the frames give the illusion that they actually have a slight cat eye shape.
5. Gold Apple MacBook. Okay this is more about the fact that it's GOLD. I mean, look how pretty that is. But I really couldn't live with just one port. And anyone who says they can is lying.
6. DV by Dolce Vita Cassidy Boot. A flat, black pair of ankle boots have been on my wishlist forever but I've never found a pair that I've liked. I honestly just wanted something simple and comfortable that could be worn with a variety of different outfits. These qualities were a lot harder than I thought it was to find. I tried these on at the store around Christmas time last year, but ended up buying another pair of shoes on my list (finally checked off a pair of tall brown leather boots). I'm tempted to order these before my trip and just switch between these and my flat tan suede booties...
7. Get It Together Pencil Pouch. I know's planner with this saying is super popular but this pencil pouch appealed to me more (and it's in stock!). I like that it's flat and could even be used as a small makeup bag.
8. Tonal Windowpane Scarf. I've realized that I really like this windowpane pattern that's becoming popular. One of the items in my most recent Loft order is actually a blouse with a black and white windowpane pattern (will share if I end up liking it). I like how the pattern on this scarf is more subtle though and still lightweight enough to wear in this almost-spring-weather.

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