Unboxing: Wool and The Gang Giles Eek Hat

Yep, I just bought that hat. I do remember seeing it here and there but I don't know where my sudden obsession came about. One day I just decided I needed to get my hands on it. I browsed through their site and noticed that they had a lot of cute designs in the same type of hat, but I had to get the Giles Eek one. And by had to I mean that it has EYEBALLS on it. C'mon. Do you know how hard it is to find stylish/unique/cool items with eyes/eyeballs on it? VERY. (See my I Heart Guts post below. It is so much easier to find dental-related items versus optometry-related items). 

So I thought about the purchase for a few weeks before deciding to order it when the website proclaimed that there was only "1 left in stock" for this style and color (though how true that is I do not know. The grey one did disappear after I put in my order, but then I noticed it back again the next day. Either way I did not want to risk it!) Ironically it looks like the hat is out of stock in the grey color as I am typing this post. But they have three other colors available here.
It arrived pretty quickly considering it was coming from out of the country. The package was simple but was just another reason I liked it. It came with a few #shareyourknit stickies and a REUSABLE BAG. (I get very excited about these, especially if they're cool like this one).
The actual hat itself came in a simple white "brown bag." And the product is exactly how it looks in photos. The huge chunky knit is amazing and I love the eyeballs knitted on there as well. On top of just looking cool it does a fantastic job of keeping your head warm. Unfortunately the weather isn't cold enough to be wearing such a thick beanie, but luckily it seems like it'll be getting cooling down again soon.

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