Warby Parker Home Try-On (Part I)

I stumbled onto Warby Parker through a mention in a magazine. The first thing that enticed me was their selection of stylish, yet classic-shaped frames. Once I noticed their affordable prices and the option of a Home Try-On process I was sold!

I had been on the lookout for a new pair of glasses since the ones I've been wearing are a few years old (oops). I had gotten my prescription updated and thought it'd be nice to have glasses that were a bit more stylish so I could wear them out and about. Ever since I started wearing contacts two years ago I noticed my eyes tend to get pretty red while I have them on. I do switch into my glasses as often as possible, but I don't like wearing them to work or when I'm hanging out with friends. Hence why I've been searching for a pair to invest in. I obviously checked out the selection that we have at work, and while they do carry a variety of styles and designers I just couldn't find one I liked enough for the price. (A Marc by Marc Jacobs frame came quite close but the $250+ price tag for just the frames was a little daunting. Especially since I had used my vision insurance already for contacts this year).
After hearing about Warby Parker I quickly picked out five frames to try using their free home try-on program. They came in about three business days. The day that you receive them is when the countdown to the five days you have to test them out start. I greatly appreciated that they have a program like this since I could automatically take two frames out of the running. Seeing them online, even if they show it on a model, is very different from actually trying them on in person. It definitely makes it harder since people's face shapes and features are different so certain glasses won't work on everyone. On top of that some of the frames were heavier than I anticipated. That was also a deciding factor for me since I tend to get headaches easier when I'm wearing my glasses for a long period of time. If I wanted to wear my glasses at work (which I want to try doing since wearing contacts for 12+ hours is just not as healthy on your eyes) they would need to be comfortable.

I'm pretty picky when it comes to glasses since I feel like they just don't look good on me! I did find one I was the most partial to but thought I might as well give this home try-on a second try. I mean, it is free after all. Plus the process is relatively easy. They provide you with the shipping label so you can put the glasses back into the same box they came in and drop it off at any UPS. (You can even drop it off at a Staples or Office Depot which is what I did. Many of them have a UPS section in their store). I'll post another update when my second shipment comes in. Crossing my fingers that I'll find a frame that I love.


  1. I can't believe I've never heard of this before!! Picking out the perfect frames is something that I dread every single time. It's awful because you know you're committing to something that is going to be on your face almost 24/7 (in my case anyway) for like...a year, at the very least. And it's so easy to pick out frames that don't work. I'm going to keep this in mind for next time.

    The options you're trying look super cute. I can't wait to see which frames you pick! Out of these three, I think the first pair is my favorite, then #3 and then #2.

    1. Yeah most of these companies allow home-try ons, which is pretty darn cool! It's definitely worth it for you. I didn't want to spend that much on glasses since I only wear them around the house. Again I wouldn't mind a pair of stylish ones so I COULD wear them out as well. Especially during the winter when I'm not going to be so dependent on my sunglasses outside, haha.

      Thanks for the input! I'm actually sending back my second shipment today so I have TWO more that I have to add to the list...gah!


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