Silver Rings

I'm still seriously lacking in the silver department. But recently I've been seeing so many silver rings that I want. For me I tend to go for more details that are done directly to the metal rather than added bling. The only exceptions are the ones above since they're so subtle. Hopefully I can add one of these to my extensive (gold) ring collection.

8 Row Rhinestone Ring
• Connector Ring (it sold out in 3 hours on F21!)
Stud Pyramid
Cell Ring
Filigree Ring
Jacinda Silver-Plated Ring


  1. oh la la love the double rings

    D e g a i n e

  2. Wow, I want nearly all of these!

  3. your blog is absolutely ADORABLE! love all the pictures and the clean simplicity of the layout! love all of these silver rings. i think my favorite is the stud pyramid style.

  4. loving that double finger ring... i was thinking to get a similar one.

  5. OMG That Urban Outfitters ring is now ours! We just purchased it thanks to this post hahaha. You can never have too many silver rings in our opinion =)

    xx .sabo skirt.


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