That time of the quarter

Target oxfords, Forever 21 tights + cross ring, nOir rings, Essie Mint Candy Apple

I know there's definitely been a lack of posting and I apologize! It shouldn't come as a surprise then that it's finals week. Luckily my final schedule is good this year and everything is spread out enough where I'm not living on 5 hour energy drinks (like last year. It was not pretty).

My last final is Saturday, but I'm not leaving for break till the 15th. This at least gives me time to procrastinate on packing and maybe even get some Christmas shopping done. I know that when I get home I'm not going to want to go outside for fear of freezing to death (though it's almost as cold inside my house).

I promise regular updates will come once everything has settled down. And good luck to the rest of you if you're also suffering through finals week!

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