Sam Edelman Petty Booties VS Dolce Vita Cassidy Booties

 Ever since I picked up a pair of tan suede booties (on a whim since they were on sale for $20!) I realized I needed a pair in black also. I really wanted to find one before I left for my trip to Arizona so I ended up ordering the Sam Edelman Petty Bootie and the DV by Dolce Vita Cassidy Bootie both in black suede.
 I originally thought I would like the Dolce Vita ones better since the style more closely resembles the current booties that I have. Plus I had seen these in person before ordering them online though I had never gotten the chance to actually try them on. I had seen someone else do so and they looked great on her. The main issues I had with DV booties were with the shaft. While the bottom of the shoes were really sturdy and thick the shaft was so flimsy in comparison. It's a slip on style with no additional zippers. My current inexpensive booties are also like that but even they feel more robust compared to these. It almost seemed like after continuous wear they might start to tear. On top of that the shaft opening was just too big for me. While it would have looked better with tucked in pants, I wanted the option of being able to wear them bare legged for the summer. Additionally the suede had more of a worn-in texture that I didn't prefer.
 The Sam Edelman booties on the other hand pleasantly surprised me. Even though the style looked different than what I wanted I liked these better. These felt sturdy all the way around. They cut off at a more flattering part of the leg so that it was possible to wear them bare legged, and on top of that they had a zipper opening on the sides to make it easier to put on/off. I thought the different colored sole/heel would make it too casual but (depending on the outfit) I'm able to wear these to work as well. I will admit these were not comfortable right off the bat. They did feel a bit stiff, and still do to a point now. I've gotten used to them though and highly recommend them. I probably wouldn't wear these if I knew I would be walking around outside a ton, but I did end up wearing them to a cavern tour and my feet felt fine. (Though it does make decently loud heel noises so I wouldn't wear them again to the caves if I had a was a spur of the moment decision to go).


  1. Omg what!! These are soooo cute <3

  2. These boots looks cute. Maybe I should grab one too. Thanks for sharing.


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