New Forever

I've been neglecting this. Summer has started and I'm spending it taking summer classes and enjoying my extra long weekends.

I have an 8 am class tomorrow, meaning I should probably get to bed, so this post will be short. One thing I have to mention is that a Forever 21 actually opened in here and I am excited! I know, you're probably thinking, "you just got a F21?!" Well we had one kind of in this random shopping area, but it closed (*tear* it was big and spacious too), but we did have a Reference for the longest time, which is basically a smaller version of Forever 21. But that got turned into Heritage 1981 and a big, three story Forever 21 opened up a couple stores down. Let me tell you, it was crazy in there. I don't know if it was because it just opened or if it was the weekend (probably both), but it was a struggle to try to look at everything. So of course I resorted to browsing online in hopes that I can narrow down my choices and time that I have to spend looking around.

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